Update On Shocking Amount of Damage Done To Budget Savvy Diva’s Order

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I normally do not have all this drama in my life ( like the apartment situation) and I love the fact that I can voice about it here on my blog. I know this has nothing to do with coupons and freebies but that is how I roll.

Last week I got an order from One Kings Lane where there was Massive about of damage done to the contents inside due to lack of packaging.

Shocking Amount of Damage Done To Budget Savvy Diva’s Order

I emailed One Kings Lane with the photos and how I used them before and I was happy with the process; however, this order really was a let down.

Email was sent on the 13th.

They emailed me back simply saying they saw the pictures and if I wanted them try and send the damaged items again OR receive credit for the damaged items.

I emailed back I rather take the credit. I would of wanted the replacement products but after seeing them up in person I did not think the quality was there.


I have not heard anything back and it is not like I sent the email today or anything.

I have tried to contact them before on Facebook and never heard back

I have check there has been no credit given or anything like that

What would you do at this point?

Do I email them again? If so when?

Do I keep waiting?

Please leave what you think in the comment section .


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  • kate tetreault

    i would give it 1 more week and if no word by then email them back stating that u are becoming very unhappy with their company

  • Stephanie O

    At this point I would call your credit card company and ask them what their procedure is for getting a refund for the charges. You sent the email over a week ago, that is enough time for One Kings Lane to respond.

  • laura

    keep bugging them, type in one king’s lane president, vice president, you’ll get the address or phone number, I do this now every time there is an issue with something and have had great success. good luck

  • Angela O

    I would email at the end of business Monday and just resend the same email. Then, if by Wednesday I did not get a response or credit, I would email a more than passive email stating my frustration.

  • Debra Hutton

    I would call and get the name and address of the CEO of King’s Lane. I’d also ask to speak to a supervisor and see if it could be solved on the spot, If it wasn’t I would write a letter explaining your dissappointment. They owe you a perk above and beyond your loss at this point. I’d be sure and mention that you blog and would like to be able to recommend them to your subscribers. Letters often accomplish what other communications don’t. I know it’s a little more trouble. Good luck.

  • Topper

    Call them. From the One Kings Lane website:

    855-SHOP-OKL (746-7655).

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 7:30 am – 6 pm PST
    Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30 am – 7 pm PST
    Saturday: 8 am – 6 pm PST
    Sunday: 8 am – 4 pm PST
    Holidays: Closed

  • Nancy P.

    I agree…go to the top of the company chain! I would also have an email ready for the Better Business Bureau. This is unacceptable and with your ability to blog about them they should do the honorable thing!

  • Lisa Dalton

    I would just email them again and let it slip that you run a very popular blog and might just have to warn your fans about their customer service or lack there of.

  • Ori

    Is there a number that you can call to follow up?? If not, I would send another email and contact your bank/credit card company to see if they can assist you with getting your adjustment. I’ve had a issue similar to that and my bank adjusted the charge and was able to get the company to send me a box to return the damaged goods to them.

  • Chris

    Kep “nagging” them. At least once a week. Start off nice and get a little meaner every time. And tell thyem you have a lot of followers and soon everyone will know how you have been treated.

  • Laura Broach

    Did you pay with a credit or debit card? Most cards will reverse the charges for you and take care of dealing with the company for you. I would call to find out what they can do to help you if you did use a card.

  • Coleen

    call your credit card company, explain the situation and tell them you do not want to pay for such Items, usually the credit card company will dispute the matter for you, good luck

  • Joyce

    I suggest you call them and have a friendly conversation about your problem. I just found the following at the bottom of the OKL Returns page. “Please contact Customer Care by email at [email protected] or by phone on 855-SHOP-OKL (746-7655) toll free.”

  • Pam Harris

    Keep after them! It took me 3 months to get credit for a basket I had ordered (original order for 2 I rec’d 1). I went round and round by email and phone before I started using the transfer me to your supervisor repeatedly until I got someone that provided my bank account a credit.
    Won’t ever purchase from them again! Bad customer service and that’s what makes a business good or bad!

  • Marci

    Send them another email, specifically stating that if they do not give you the credit that you will contact the Better Business Bureau regarding the incident. The last time I threatened this, the company bent over backwards to insure that I was happy with their service.

  • Patti

    When you ship the damaged item back make sure to include a letter with it stating what you were told and when you send it take it to the post office and have One Kings Lane sign for it when they receive it. Then you know they have it and your acct should be credited. Make sure to make a copy of all letter and e-mails you have with them. Also when we call we always get the person’s name we are talking to even if it is two to three people. E-mail them and let them know what you are doing. On the letter sometimes I put cc: attorney (even though I don’t have one)..Hope you get this resolved soon.

  • Tammy Dalton

    I have complained to companies about their products from a lollypop that was only a stick and a wrapper (they sent me 2/ $1.00 coupons and a very nice letter) to a expensive purse that was ripped on the inside (they sent me a new one and paid to send back the damaged purse) and even a watch that had a broken band and the company sent me a brand new one and told me to keep the damaged watch and I could get a new band!! Now I have two very nice watches!! My point is that you stay nice but you write them once a week until you get a response and you are satisfied with the outcome!! If they are ignoring you online then call them, or get their address and write to them!! Most companies will be happy to get the feedback instead of losing a customer, but there are also companies that hope you get sick of waiting and you go away. Don’t go away!! My mom will come to me when she has a problem because she knows I get results and she is not the type of person to complain, but I am!! I believe if you pay for it you are entitled to receive what you paid for!! So good luck and don’t give up!!! :0)

  • Barbara S

    I would start by calling them. Then by putting comments on their FB page if they have one. Usually if you a company they will credit your credit card.

  • bethlaf

    Email them again , and repost it on Facebook with a link to original post, both on your page and on theirs, MAKE a STINK

  • Melinda

    I would email them back ASAP! They are showing their customers their lack of concern. You need to email them THEN call corporate or customer service right away. The longer the issue is neglected they will care less & less about it.

  • Jillian F.

    When ever this happens to me with a company I find their facebook or their twitter and I call them out on there. Usually I hear from someone rather quickly usually from the corporate office. I haven’t had to do it much, but I have had to do with Fed-Ex and a couple others. Every time it got resolved. Companies don’t like negative feedback on their facebook or twitter for a lot of people to see.

  • Denise Helton

    Simple e-mail and make it to the effect that you just wanted to make sure they know that you would like the credit, maybe they are not going to credit back your credit card, but have issued you an instore credit, which you might find by logging back into their site as well.

  • Mikayla

    Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. Let your credit card company do the fighting for you. Also you may have insurance on the purchase through your credit card company, call Them and see Good Luck!

  • Julie D

    If it was done via credit card call your card company to have the charges removed. If done via a debit card go to your bank. Take the email and their email back. They can do what is called a Reg-E claim and get the funds back in your account. Since you have tried to rectify the situation and they have not followed through you should have no problem. (I used to work in a bank)

  • Shelly

    Contact the credit card company. Here in Canada if we use major credit card we contact the credit card company, they reimburse us and they deal with the company for collection.

  • Steffj89

    Most places will tell you a minimum of 5 business days to show credit. I would call them monday, document who you speak to and when etc.

  • Denise G.

    There are some good suggestions above. They are obviously in the wrong and they need to correct their mistake right away. I would start out by calling and being nice. Be sure to document every call with day, time, names of all you spoke to, what was said, etc. Also ask them what they plan to do and when you can expect action. Like someone else said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Mandy Bennett

    Call them tomorrow, pretty sure their customer service is open on Saturday.
    They are usually very accommodating. Having said that I have had to wait a few days for a credit to show up in the account. I had quite a few orders that I received credits for around the holidays because they could not fulfill the order, so very familiar with their process. Good luck!

  • kathy

    if you paid by credit card you can dispute the charge through your credit card company and do it that way. I have done this a few times in my life and sometimes it takes time, one time they even added a charge back but i was so adament about it and kept on it and had all the proof on my side i got that $200 back but if i had given up i would not have gotten a dime.

  • Jenny

    Easiest thing to do is call your bank or credit card company and back charge it. Either they’ll start responding or you’ll know that they don’t really care about retaining customers

  • Kassie

    I would pitch a fit bc you paid for something you should get what you paid for in a condtion to where you can use it or display it… My hubby always makes me so dirty work bc i will pitch a fit & it will be wmfixed ubtil i am happy plain & simple tou are a paying customer you sgould get treated in a resoectful way period… I would email them every other day & i would call everyday & talk to real person.. i would make a post on FB page everyday until you get a response.. i would even go so far as to tell them if they do not make this situation right you will have no choice other then to get ahold of BBB & you will make sure to make it publically seen & your vocie heard bout how badly you were treated & how they did not fix the problem that was theres to start with

  • Renee Stough

    I had this issue with IceMonkey, they sent me a cracked computer! it was inoperable and everything, first they needed pis,,, sent the pics. Then they needed a bank statement proving it was taken out of my bank acct.. (weird) sent that, FINALLY after I threatened them with a lawyer, my refund appeared in my acct the next day. These companies dont like the word “Lawyer”. OR we can all flood there facebook page! LOL

  • Helen Aguirre

    Definitely call their Customer Service number! Make sure they give you a time frame in which you will receive your credit. if you don’t get it on that day, call them first thing the next morning. Hope you get this resolved soon!

  • Pamela

    I usually try to find out who the CEO or owner is (do a google search) and email them directly… I had a huge problem with Sprint till I found the email of the top guy in charge and emailed him directly.

  • neysa

    I would contact them again and keep insisting on the credit. I am.very.persistent. You should be too. Besides, u weren’t happy with the merchandise.

  • Martha

    I would notify them and let them know that you expected to have recieve a credit for the damaged good by now! Then you can tell them that you are a blogger and refer people to their site often and how disappointed you are with the customer service that you received!

  • Heather Beyant

    I would continue to contact them and remind them that you have a large blog/social media following that have seen these pictures therefore the company is losing customers both old and future ones! Keep us updated on what happens!

  • Dominique

    I would call, they listed this on their site.

    If you require immediate assistance, please call us toll free at 855-SHOP-OKL (746-7655).

  • Jennifer

    Forget email. Use the phone make the call and don’t just speak to the first person that answers. Be sure to speak to a supervisor, which means don’t call over the weekend. And, if they can’t help you, ask to speak to the higher up, until its resolved. That is not customer service, and that is what it all comes down to. Good luck!

  • Karolina Cunneely

    Totally call them. And keep calling them until the matter gets resolved. I once ordered something from a company I love (I still shop their retail stores..but refuse to ever again shop their website…). Store had a huge sale like yours. Purchased a bunch of stuff for my husband and I. Got confirmation that it shipped and got the tracking number and everything. Days go by…nothing. Keep checking the tracking number, no updates have been linked since it left the warehouse. Call company. Oh yeah, it definitely shipped, its waiting for you at your local post office. Call post office (I was at work on lunch break). Post office goes “no such package here”. They wrote down the tracking number and searched their site/system, etc. According to post office, the tracking information only shows that a label was created but no further info so it’s hard to say whether or not the package ever left the warehouse and to consider it “lost” and that it probably “fell of the truck” somewhere. Call company back and relay this information. Company says “we’re all out of what you ordered since it was on sale so we can’t reship it”. They offered me a credit/return on the card I used. I gladly accepted. They said it would take one billing cycle to show up on my card. Waited. Nothing happened. Called back. Customer Service swore up and down that money was returned to me (according to some entry made my someone in their company). I must have asked to speak with multiple managers/supervisors/etc to fix this record error of theirs since money was never returned to me. I even called my financial institution to confirm that no such transaction had ever taken place. This time I was told it would take 2 weeks to get the credit. I must have called at least 2 more times during that time frame and made sure to have documentation of people’s names and “confirmation numbers” that this call was recorded in their system somewhere so that they can reference it. WORST customer service experience ever. LONG story short…I got my money back. The point I’m making is keep calling. Keep getting names of people you talk to so that you can reference your conversations when a new person takes your call. And ask for their superior. Best of luck!!!

  • a

    email them again AND be sure to send a link to this post so they can see what they’re lack of attention is doing to their reputation.


  • Miss V

    I’m curious too on how/if your situation was resolved.

    I recently (and foolishly?) placed a OKL order for a deal that seemed too good to be true… 60 mesh produce bags for $19. I thought it was a typo, but throughout the description it repeated 60 bags. Lo and behold, my shipping notification email came today for 5 bags. Fortunately I kept a screen shot and printout of the original deal, though it sounds like their customer service is abysmal.

    My only other experience with them was when they substituted the same brand of votive candle sets instead of sending the large candles I had ordered as Xmas presents without notifying me. I didn’t complain, but it did bother me.