Shocking Amount of Damage Done To Budget Savvy Diva’s Order

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So let me first say this is not meant to be a rant rather a reminder the importance of keeping all the paperwork.

About a week ago I saw a sale go live on One Kings Lane – Daily Deal Site.

I decided to treat myself and my family to some new kitchen gear.

I have been waiting patiently all week for the package to arrive – well today bright and early I heard a knock on the door.  YAY!!

I opened up the box ( which was NOT damaged on the outside)to find large about of packing bubbles on the top and all the products under it – which confused me.

The box itself has no damage to it thus it was not done during shipping.

Because there was a lack of packaging (some items there was no packaging) many of them where damaged.

It was suppose to be a coaster holder

It was suppose to be a bowl


Another coaster set that was placed in the box with no packing.

There are other items that were damaged as well…

I am going to contact One Kings Lane concerning this order – and I am hoping something will be done about it.

The main point of this post is –  remember to keep ALL paperwork especially with online orders. I have a special email folder for all my purchases. I also print out a copy and file it. It helps me track all my purchases as well as help in situations such as these.

What Do You Think About This Situation?!


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  • sevrena

    Definitely send them pictures of the box as well, they may say that isn’t the box they shipped it in. but if they didn’t package it well its on them, they should reship or refund your money and your shipping charges.

  • sevrena

    and i work in customer service for an online retail food company. 100% see the frustration daily. above is exactly what we ask for when product is damaged when it arrives to a customer.

  • Kalana

    i hate when that happens, they should have a policy for damage and broken items and if they dont resolve the situation the CC used to purchase usually will. Thats sucks but will all work out, it always does.

  • Amber

    I once had an item left out of my order. When I emailed them regarding my order, they were VERY nice about it and gave me a big credit (because the item was no longer available). I hope you have the same experience!!

  • Christine

    I say bravo for remembering to keep all paperwork (I, myself, have been my own worst enemy once or twice with that, so I learned that even though you think, “That’ll NEVER happen with THIS XYZ company” it still does!)

    Secondly, word of mouth is ALWAYS one of the best forms of advertisement for any company, and you are certainly a great advertiser for any company. It would behoove them to make sure that every single customer is satisfied. I see you getting recompensed, one way or another.

  • Pamela

    I had an order of the barbeque/candle lighters and one wouldn’t work at all, the other was “sorta” working. When I emailed to tell them of my disappointment, I was surprised to have received another shipment of 2 more, that were perfect! 🙂 I don’t think you’ll have any troubles. Good luck!

  • brenda

    I have heard complaints from many people about purchasing from these type websites. Damaged goods are frequent and many stores like this are very uncooperative and have No Refund, No Return policies. So by all means Buyer Be Ware when shopping this type of website. I have not yet ordered from this site but i will make sure when I do it’s something like kitchen towels!

    • Mel @ Trailing After God

      I have ordered from them and not had any issues. Wow at the terrible packaging. I hope you send them a copy of this post so they know you are talking. Also, even if they are stinky, the beauty of credit card purchases is being able to dispute it and get your money back. Good luck. Sorry this happened to you. So disappointing!

      • Courtney C.

        Part of that of statement bothers me. I think companies should treat all customers equally, not –ok this kind of customer gets special treatment. I work in social media/customer service and our biggest thing that we try to remember is to treat everyone the same, regardless of how many twitter followers they have or how many Facebook friends they’ll tell. I would like to see how the company handles the situation without them even knowing she wrote a blog to see what their true colors really are.

  • Tracey Ouzts

    This happened to me with Totsy during one of their blowout events I ordered 2 little girl dresses when I received them they were dirty. I emailed the company twice and never heard back from them. I hope the company will work with you to get this resolved.

    • Cassie

      I have received horrible customer service from Totsy. I will never shop there again. I have only had good experience with One Kings Lane though.

  • tara

    looks like they shipped you crap to begin with. chipped coasters? shotty workmanship and bad packing. you won’t catch me ordering from them just based on your order alone.

  • Melanie S

    Wow that sure is a lot of damage to an order! Please update us on how they respond back to your complaint please? Hopefully they will refund you the money plus the shipping

  • One Kings Lane

    Hello from One Kings Lane – We’re so sorry to hear about this, and we want to make sure that we resolve the problem with your order.

    We’ve alerted our customer service team about your experience so if you can contact [email protected] someone from our team can help address the issue.

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      A email was already sent a while ago ( about 10 minutes after this post went up) – I got a reply about 6 minutes afterwards – ” Your question is extremely important to us, and we will do our very best to get back to you within 24-36 hours.”

  • Karen

    Sorry this happened. They sure need some lesson in packaging and a new packager. I have to package candy bars and send them out at times and never once have they broken.

  • Connie White

    I don’t understand why the company is being blamed for the way the shipper handled the packaging. It’s horrible that customers do that. I am sure the package did not leave there hands in that condition.

  • Connie White

    oh just an fyi you can drop and throw a box without damaging the outside of the box but the force can cause the items to break.

  • LindaRose

    … happened to me with an EBay purchase of dinnerware. Was not packed properly and I’d say a good 75% of what was in the box was broken. Good thing I used a credit card. The seller was not willing to budge.

  • Vicki

    Unfortunately, they give other online stores a bad reputation. One would be cautious to order from another. I hope they straighten it all out for you. Thats just terrible.

  • mrs b

    I am sorry about your experience; I have ordered from them in the past and was surprised by how much *extra* packaging/peanuts/bubble wrap was used (I ordered an acrylic tray and you would have thought it was a Faberge egg with the way they wrapped it!). It sounds like they are on the case–good luck!

  • April Ratani

    I had the same experience with One Kings Lane! I order some bake wear 1/2 of the set was broken and the other half chipped. They refunded me AND sent a new set! They made it right!

  • Anita Adkison

    My One Kings Lane orders were packed well and arrived in great shape. My last order from them even included an extra goodie. I’ve had some packages from different sellers that have been packed the way this one was. Can’t say it was the norm for those sellers. Perhaps it was a novice packer or one having a bad day. Some training (or common sense) will tell you throwing packing on the top of the box will not protect the contents.

  • Julie D

    I use evernote to keep receipts and not have to print them. I have the browser plug in and just click the button to clip the whole page and it saves to my evernote notebook which is available and syncs on all computer via the web. I love it!

  • Tammy

    I would contact either my credit card company or bank/debit card and file a grievance. Good luck with whatever you decided to do and keep us posted. I don’t think i will do any more business with them.