Disney Press Trip- Day One – Star Wars Rebels

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Starwars Disney Media Trip

Very appropriately on May 4th ( which is Star Wars Day) I was in Los Angeles to attend the Star Wars Rebel event

I did not know what to know what it would be like – but I will admit I did scream a bit when I saw R2D2 —- so AMAZING!

star wars

I am totally obsessed with the gifts we were given at the event – Eric totally freaked that I brought home all the Star Wars films on Blu -Ray

But more important than swag ( even though swag holds a very special place in my heart )

But this night was ALL about Star Wars Rebel – which will be on Disney XD this fall


Above is all the stars from Star Wars Rebels – which is an animated show ( which I saw a little bit of and I cannot wait to see more!) I really like the fact that there seems to be many strong female characters on the show

We were lucky enough to talk to Vanessa Marshall who is the voice of Hera — she was super sweet and really was a wonderful experience to meet her


I really like the fact that they all record in one room — I know that is pretty unique but I think it really helps everything gel together

I made a vlog for the first day in Los Angeles including this dinner so I hope you check it out below — it is under 2 minutes long 🙂

If you want more pictures from the trip make sure to check out my instagram

I will be posting the other 3 days of the Disney Press trip on youtube – so make sure to check it out for the next couple of days

Disclaimer – The whole trip including flight, experiences, and food was provided by Disney – but all the thoughts and video are my own