How To Do Mermaid Hair Color – ONLY $20 Cost

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FINAL Hair COlor

I have always loved playing with my hair color – about 1 year ago I wanted to get a little blue and purple added to my hair – well 5 hours and over $100 later – I got 2 little wisps of hair dyed ( I knew there HAD to be a better way)

I decided to figure out how to do it myself – I ended up calling up local salons and found out the colors they used – well I found the exact same on Amazon for $10 each — like seriously!

There was some trial and error – to put the color into the hair I used a hair dye brush – it came with a bleach kit but I also just used my hands – I just added the color to the hair and waited about 40 minutes

Sara Hair

By mixing the colors together you get this great gradient of colors – I focused purple on top and blue on the bottom the mixed the two in the rest of the hair 🙂

Below is my hair during the daylight after about 10 washes ( each time you wash your hair more will come out ) but do not worry the color really sticks

But you can tell the difference in color from the top picture to the bottom – there are about 8 hair washes between the two

BSara Disneyworld

I am going to keep with the color – the up keep is about once a month – but it will not cost me $20 each time – maybe about $15 — also I did all the coloring while watching a movie and a couple tv shows on Netflix ( yes I am that type of person)

 I made a little video too – talking about everything you need to know – you can see how my hair looks – I received tons of attention on my hair ( which I did not think would happen)

If you color your hair please let me know

Links for the products I used

Splat Hair Coloring ( this has the color and bleach system )
Vivid Hair Coloring