Changing Up My Hair After Having Twins

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I have been so careful and waited so long to color my hair again.  While I was pregnant I was vigilant about what I ate and drank and anything that touched my skin, so I put a hold on any hair color treatment and now I am ready to change things up again with Schwarzkopf Keratin Color .  I chose Schwarzkopf Keratin Color find out more HERE, because using it results in less breakage and it comes in intense colors.

I also wanted an easy to use treatment that is professional quality because I barely have time to treat myself at home, let alone go to a salon. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color is that professional quality at home treatment that comes in flattering colors and also cares for your hair.


I had Eric help me apply the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color. You must follow all instructions in the package and follow all safety instructions including doing a patch test and using gloves.

Doing a spot check, which is always important to do before you apply the product to your whole head of hair because you need to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction..  When the spot check cleared we went ahead and even Eric commented on how easy it was to use. My hair was brushed out and then Eric applied the pre-treatment to the end of my hair. Eric then mixed the color creme into the application bottle with developer lotion.  Of course I had to take a shot of me waiting for the color to set.

After a quick rinse I used the Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Care Complex Conditioner. Within an hour I had beautiful color and ready to tackle taking care of my twins again.

We were able to pick up the product at Walmart.

Here is a before and after using Schwarzkopf Keratin Color – I decided on the color Cappuccino which really gave warmth to my usually dull ashy light brown hair.

Coloring your hair using quality ingredients like Schwarzkopf Keratin Color is just one way for women to look and feel great.  That is one of the greatest tips for success, because you have got to feel secure about yourself in order to reach for your dreams.

Here are some of the tips that I adhere to on a daily basis — they seriously get me through the day.

  1. To be successful, you have to expect more, not only from yourself, but from others.
  2. Relax – This is the hardest for me to do. When you are stressed you cannot focus on what needs to get done. Take even 5 minutes daily to relax and think about nothing.
  3. Write it DOWN – I start everyday ( even on the weekend) a to-do list. It keeps me focused and I feel accomplished as I finish each task.
  4.  When you look your best you can do your best – no matter how I am feeling I make sure I start the day with a clean face, lip gloss, and brushed hair.
  5. That push and that drive is supported by doing what you can to look your best so that you don’t just look the part, but you have the confidence to fit the part and be that success that you know you can be.  Dress for Success® Worldwide empowers women looking for upward mobility in just this way, by providing the tools, education, and mentoring to achieve economic independence.  The organization has served over one million women and Keratin’s partnership with Dress for Success contributes $125,000 to the cause of revitalizing women’s hair and clothing options so they can be as successful as they look.  You can find out more about the organization and how it has helped women all over the world – check it out HERE.


You can try Schwarzkopf Keratin Color free with this rebate – how awesome is that ?!