Being Frugal: Reasons to Compost

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Composting the Kitchen Waste

When most people think about composting, they think about saving garbage to help your garden. Compost does make awesome plant food, but how many of you have considered the ways it can actually save you money?

Free Plant Food

As we mentioned above, one of the best benefits of composting is creating your own plant food. Whether you have one or two or a house full of plants, or an entire garden, making your own compost can save you money and help your plants grow.

Pest Control

If you tend to have an issue with bugs in your garden, save money on bug spray and have fewer pests without using any chemicals. People who compost tend to have fewer bug issues in their plants.

Saves Money with Less Trash

So much of what we throw out each day can be used in composting. Whether you pay extra for larger trash bins, or you just have to buy more trash bags each week, turning some of your garbage into compost can save you money.

Less Food Waste

Many people who compost become more aware of all of the wasted food they do throw out. So most of these people take steps in their lives to avoid wasting as much food as possible. These food saving ways will save money in the long run as you will use more of the food you buy and have less food waste.

Earn Money with Compost

Some areas offer some great incentives to people who are interested in composting. Some incentives in the form of grants to help you pay for your materials to get started with composting

If you are interested in composting, you will be happy to hear it can cost you as little as $5 to build your own compost bin. Just a basic one to get you started is all you need. So spend some time this summer getting your compost bin going and see what kind of money saving benefits you find it has.