Best Ways for Carrying Cash While Traveling

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It’s Vacation season and that also means that it is extremely common for us to lose cash while traveling or for our cash to get stolen without us even being remotely aware. Sometimes when it comes to being in unfamiliar areas it is not always smart to carry your cash in the typical way you normally would in like a wallet or inside of a bag. Today I am going to be sharing a few ways that you can take carrying cash to a whole new level by doing it discreetly.

Cell Phone-Wallet Case: There are a ton of phone cases out there these days that have slots for credit cards as well as a little pocket for cash. This is a great way to keep two things close at one time. You are probably going to be keeping pretty good track of your phone, which means your money will be close by as well. Snag a great deal on one here!

Chapstick Container: This is a GREAT disguise for your cash. Take a typical chap stick that maybe you’re done with using and clean it out entirely ensuring that there is no sticky residue left behind from the chap stick, then you can roll up some cash and throw it in there. Pop the lid back on and you are good to go! No one is going to suspect that you have cash rolled up in your chap stick. Although you can’t keep much in there, this is a great way to store some extra/emergency cash while you’re away from home.

In Your Shoe: If you don’t want to be bothered with carrying a purse, or maybe you’re frightened that you will get pick-pocketed if you have a wallet, a great money spot is your shoes! Throw your cash in the bottom of your shoe and you can simply walk around all day on it, unless you choose to where sandals/flip flops of course. This is a great way to carry money without the hassle of a purse/wallet.

Inside a Pack of Gum: This is another really great and really discreet way of carrying your cash. Get yourself an empty gum pack and you can simply fold up your bills and put them inside, you could even throw in a couple cards as well if you would like. This is another one that no one is obviously going to suspect that you are carrying money inside a gum pack and you will be safe from any pick-pocketing that may occur.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can discreetly carry your money while you are traveling. This not only makes you safer from those who may choose to venture inside of other’s pockets but it will also save you the hassle of having to carry a purse/wallet. Remember to keep your hiding spots hidden when you go to take out your cash to pay for something and to be safe on your vacation.