Best Ways to Stop an Argument Instantly

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If you find yourself in an argument with your spouse, your kids or anyone, these tips are great to stop the fighting before your heated arguement gets too hot!

Set Time Limits

When in a group setting in which the group is trying to discuss something that could get out of hand, set time limits. Set aside a few minutes for each speaker and an overall time limit for the meeting itself. Have a leader in charge of making sure everyone says their viewpoints and will stop the talk when it’s time to take a vote.

Step in the Middle

If you are in a discussion with 2 or more people, and you see it headed in a bad direction, sometimes you may have to physically step in between the two people leading the discussion to get them to stop and see that where they are headed is not where they want to be.

Share Something Personal

If you are in a conversation that is quickly getting heated, whether it be about politics, school policy, religion or whatever, turn the topic a little personal. The person or people you are discussing the topic with will start to see everything with their hearts instead of just with their heads.

Look For the Real Meaning

Instead of responding to anger with anger, stop and try to picture what is really going on. Why is the person yelling at me so upset. Instead of just seeing it from your perspective, try to picture why the other party got so upset in the first place.

Take a Second Look

Do you ever look back at a heated argument you had with someone and wonder how something so stupid got out of hand so quickly? Well instead of letting it get out of hand, once you see it starting, picture how it will look to you tomorrow once you have calmed down. Is what you are fighting about really all that important? In many cases it isn’t and once you both calm down you will realize that.