Everyday Purchase You Can Save on This Summer

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Check out this list of things you should be able to buy for less this summer compared to the summer of 2015 when factors caused increases in prices on things we buy every day. Plus there are some things that are always cheaper to buy in the summer versus other times of the year.


Most summers the price of gas goes way up because more people are traveling, however so far this summer we have seen the prices stay fairly low in comparison to last summer. So don’t be afraid to take that road trip.

Air Travel

Because the gas prices seem to be staying lower this summer, prices on air travel should be lower as well. Hopefully we will see the cheaper air prices continue through the end of the summer if you still are planning a vacation.


May 2015 we saw a bird flu outbreak that cause the price of eggs to rise greatly. This summer we should see lower prices on eggs so make as many egg salad sandwiches as you want.

Beef and Dairy

The summer drought of 2015 caused prices in beef and dairy products to rise. In most areas of the country the drought has passed causing the prices for these products to go back down closer to normal.

Winter Items

This summer is no different than any summer where you should be able to find some great deals on the things you will need for the winter. Whether the kids will need new coats or boots, or you have your eye on a new set of skis, the summer is the best time to shop for these items while they are typically on sale.


Prices on cars tend to dip down in the summer the closer you get to the end of the peak selling season and the new cars coming out for the following year.