How To Get Better, More Restful Sleep

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One topic that has always been dear to me but has recently become increasingly important is how to sleep better.  I am prone to light sleeping and of course these days I hardly get any sleep at all, although falling asleep is now easier than it ever has been.

There are a variety of ways to get more quality shut eye. I’ve come up with five tips and tricks to get better sleep.  I use these myself and it helps to maximize the amount of rest I get when the opportunity to sleep presents itself.

  1. Sleep mask.  When we went to the hospital to deliver the babies, Eric and I both brought sleep masks.  If you are in a room that isn’t dark enough, maybe the interior lighting is being used by somebody else, or maybe daylight is shining into your room and can’t be blocked.  A comfortable sleep mask does wonders to lock out light and other visual stimuli.  Were it not for this one simple thing, Eric and I would not have gotten any sleep for practically the whole month of July.


2. White noise machine.  Some people can handle noises.  I cannot.  Car sounds are the worst.  If anything or anybody is making a sound in my immediate area when I am trying to sleep, God help them.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to my twins.  I need to hear them of course, but I’ve found that they too sleep much better with a white noise machine running in the room.  It is like a sleep mask because it drowns out surrounding sound and leads to a more relaxed state.

     3. Humidifier.  A dry room is uncomfortable and leads to itchy skin and agitation.  Adding some humidity to the air is another fantastic was to minimize harmful surroundings that keep you from relaxation and calm when you are trying to catch up on much needed beauty rest. This guide from the unclutterer will help you to find the perfect humidifier for your needs. A dehumidifier also works under the opposite set of circumstances.  It is as important that your skin is not irritated or feeling at all yucky when you are trying to sleep as it is to block out unwanted light and sound.

  1. You don’t have to take pills to sleep better, and that kind of sleeping solution is best discussed with your doctor.  What I will recommend ingesting is herbal tea. The herbs and vapors can help sooth you and prepare you for sleep. This one is a bit obvious and also arguably the easiest.  I thought about not including it on the list, but it definitely belongs here, even if it might already be your first step in achieving better sleep.
  2.  Similar to herbal tea but less common, is the use of aromatherapy through a combination of essential oils in conjunction with the above tips.  Essential oils are incredibly versatile and effective, but most of all I enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Nature’s Truth® guarantees that each essential oil is derived from 100% all natural plant sources and uses optimal, honest extraction methods. This kind of aromatherapy really helps with a new wellness routine and is a great way to improve sleep. There are also wearable diffusers like bracelets that diffuse essential oils if you prefer to keep them close. I turn to Good Nite™ for aromatherapy that helps me get a better night sleep.  I also like lavender spray for a more well rested feeling.  Muscle Ease™ is another soothing topical mist that Eric finds helpful in particular.  All of these are paraben and gluten free. These essential oils and others are available at Walgreens, CVS, and select Target locations, HEB, Meijer, ShopRite, Rite Aide and Harmon/BBB.  I went to Walgreens. Make sure to check out the save $1 coupon.


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