Tips to Help Deal with Morning Sickness

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Talk to any woman who had morning sickness during pregnancy and they will tell you how terrible it is. And contrary to the name, it can happen at any time of the day. It can really stop you from having a normal day for a long time, so if you can do things to avoid some of it, be sure to do them! Here are some tips for helping you deal with morning sickness.


If you suffer from morning sickness you may want to get used to carrying crackers around with you. Keep some in your purse, your car, your bedside table, etc. They are great at calming the tummy.

Carbonated Beverages

For many people the bubbles in a carbonated beverage can really help calm their stomach when nausea hits. If you are one of these people, be sure to have your favorite drinks on hand. Ginger Ale and 7up are popular drinks. Or you can try fruity drinks like Izze or flavored, sparkling water.

Mints and Hard Candy

Eating mints or sucking on hard candy, usually sour hard candy, is for many a great way to keep the nausea away. So give these a try and if they work for you, be sure to keep them on hand.

Small Meals and Snacking

Even though the sickness can occur any time of day, many of women do experience higher nausea in the morning. So to try to avoid this it can help to have a small snack before you go to bed and another before you even get out of bed in the morning. You want to avoid a completely empty stomach whenever possible. So it also helps to eat more small meals throughout the day instead of just the 3 main bigger meals.

What worked best for you to keep the morning sickness away?