Tips to Help Simplify Your Life This Year

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It’s a new year and the perfect time to access your lifestyle and see if you can slow things down a bit and just simplify your life. Life goes by too fast already. Make some time this year to enjoy it.

Digital Time

Most of us couldn’t live without our smartphones these days, however, they can tend to take over your life and you probably are spending more time on them then you need to. Try to block out some time each day to step away from the social media pages. Maybe even decide to get rid of one or two if they take up too much of your time. If you spend a lot of time talking to friends and family on the phone, maybe schedule out blocks of time specific to that and try to stay within those timelines so it isn’t excessive. Take that extra time and spend time with the kids, your spouse, or just grab some much needed alone time!

Kids Activities

We all want to give our kids everything, and that normally means signing them up for lots of extracurricular activities. From swim lessons, to music lessons, to karate, we tend to run all over for our kids. If you are starting to feel this way see if you can cut one or two of them out for a little while. Take a break from swim and focus on music, and then in a couple months do the opposite.

Say Goodbye to Negative People

We all have them in our lives – negative people who tend to make you feel worse after spending time with them. It may be time to say goodbye to these people and find a more positive person to spend time with. It may not always be that simple as it is sometimes a family member who fits that description. But maybe have a chat with them in the hopes of making their new year a little more positive as well.

Avoid the Stressful Situations

It may seem impossible but it can be done. You hate traffic? Try to find another route to work even it takes a couple extra minutes. You hate running errands when it’s busy? Find another time in your day to take care of things when the stores are not at their busiest time.