How To Create Healthy One-Pot Meals To Simplify Your Weeknights

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Modern life, with all its technological aids, should be more relaxing than life in the last century. Yet, study after study shows that modern life remains highly stressful. There are many reasons why this is the case. 

A negative side-effect of this continual stress and demand on your time is the inability to create healthy meals. Everyone has been there. You’ve had a long day and it’s much easier to grab a takeaway or chuck a frozen meal in the microwave. You know this isn’t the healthiest option but you simply need food and a chance to sit down. 

Fortunately, there is something you can do to change this. It’s time to learn how to create healthy one-pot meals that simplify your weeknights and improves your health. 

Purchase A Good Quality Slow Cooker

The first step is to choose the right slow cooker. You’ll want to look at the Crumble cookware range. These are high-quality pots coated with enamel to prevent food from sticking and they are surprisingly affordable. You can even order online and get fast free delivery. 

The fact that they offer a 30-day risk-free trial is a bonus!

Having the right slow cooker makes the rest of the process simple. It’s worth investing in a good one. You’ll even find they provide you with some inspirational recipe ideas to get you started. There really is no reason not to try one today!

Find Plenty Of Recipes

You’ll now want to start looking at the recipes available. A quick look online will enlighten you. There are plenty of delicious delights to select from. For example, you can try a Texas chilli mac, minestrone soup, curried cod, or even chicken cacciatore.

In reality, there is almost no limit to what is possible with a slow cooker. You can even throw your favourite vegetables and meat into the slow cooker with a simple sauce and wait to see what happens. 

It’s worth having a selection of recipes that you would like to try, it can help make sure you have all the right ingredients when shopping. 

Prepare Your Meal Beforehand

But, the real secret to simplifying your weeknights is to prepare the meal in advance. Select your recipe the night before and cut your meat and vegetables ready. Keep them in the fridge overnight, then, in the morning; put everything in the slow cooker. 

You can turn it on low and leave it for the day. It will slowly cook the ingredients, giving you a delicious meal to come home to with minimal fuss and the meat will be delightfully tender. 

Best of all, it’s really easy to clean the slow cooker, meaning there are very few dishes to wash up. 

Don’t forget, every recipe can be personalized according to your tastes, ensuring each meal is delicious. Preparing healthy one-pot meals that simplify your weeknights means you don’t have to feel guilty about eating out or indulging in that takeaway at the weekend. After all, balance is critical to life.