Ways to Pay it Forward for Less

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Most of us love to hear a great pay it forward story. Someone bought groceries for the person behind them. Or someone wanted to cover the cost of the drinks for the person next in line at the Starbucks drive through. For someone on a tight budget themselves, you may still want to feel like you are paying it forward but can’t afford to spend a lot. There are lots of other ways to pay it forward in ways that you know the dollar amount you are offering.

Donate Blood

A great way to “give back” if you are able to is to give blood. It is always needed and for someone can mean life or death to get it. Plus it doesn’t cost you anything.

Give Up Your Spot

Another way to help out that won’t cost you anything is to give up your spot to someone else. If you see someone who is in a hurry, or maybe a mom juggling a couple kids, step back and offer them your spot in line. It may not cost you anything but to someone else it may mean the world.

Fee Someone’s Meter

I love the idea of making sure a total stranger doesn’t get a parking ticket by putting a little money in their expired, or almost expired meter. You may not always see the person you are helping but you can know you possibly saved someone a big parking ticket.

Vending Machine Fairy

Another way to make someone’s day is to leave a few quarters by the vending machine. This can be at the office or anywhere you are out and see a vending machine.

Bigger Tips

A server at the restaurant or bar you go to usually doesn’t make a lot of money. If you want to help someone out you can add an extra $5-10 to your tip. It could make their day!

Do you have ways you like to help out and give back without spending a lot of money?