5 Ways to Get a Great Night’s Rest

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5 Ways to Get a Great Night’s Rest

It’s recommended that we all get at least 8 hours sleep per night, to ensure that we’re well rested and at our best for the next day of work or school. Getting a good night’s sleep means that our body is able to recover, repair and keep our immune systems in a fighting fit state. Here are five different ways that have been proven to help you to try to get the best sleep possible.

Change Your Mattress

Given the cost of mattresses, it is hardly surprising that the majority of us are still using the same old flat mattress that offers no support for your back as you sleep. However, investing in a good mattress that will last you many years to come can do wonders for not only your body, but also your sleep! You are bound to sleep better if you are sleeping on something that is not causing any discomfort or long-lasting side effects on your health. It is worth researching before purchasing a mattress as there are so many different mattresses out there that are suitable for different sleeping preferences, such as mattresses that are great for side sleepers.

Get into a Routine

Waking up and getting into bed at a regular time each day is really important as an irregular sleep pattern will disrupt your internal circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. These are two biological factors that tell your body to go to sleep at night. Once your body is used to getting up and sleeping at the same time, you probably won’t even need to set an alarm to wake up in the mornings! While this is bad news for your weekend habitual lie-ins, it’s good news for maximizing your time and your productivity levels.

Create an Ambiance

There are a number of different things that you can do to your sleeping environment in order to improve the likelihood of sleeping well. Although some people are deep sleepers and can sleep through loud noises, it’s more than likely that you’ll need a quiet environment to fall asleep. Studies have proven that traffic noises will disrupt or interfere with the quality of sleep, so make sure that your furniture is arranged in a way that distances you from any windows that overlook streets. You should also consider purchasing ear plugs to minimize the amount of noise in your bedroom.

Switching Off

Probably the most common thing that everyone is guilty of doing, which interrupts their sleep cycle, is using your phone just before bed. Phones and other devices such as laptops or tablets use blue light, which, again, interrupts your circadian rhythm because bright light is inferred in the brain as daytime and therefore not bedtime. Furthermore, you’re more likely to see something stressful or non-relaxing when scrolling through your feeds or browsing the internet, which is detrimental to getting a good sleep.

Limiting Yourself

There are a few different things that you should consider reducing throughout the day, in order to increase your chances of getting to sleep and waking up on time. Avoid taking naps, unless absolutely necessary, as this reduces the chances of sleeping throughout the night. Additionally, be conscious of your caffeine consumption and cut it out completely after a certain time in the day because high caffeine levels often mean that you are too alert to go to sleep. 

If this article hasn’t had you drifting off to sleep already, then consider adopting some of these practices so that you can start transforming your restless sleeping habits into a sweet night’s rest that you could only dream of!