4 Things To Setup For Your Future 

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Living the good life often depends on how you plan for your future. It pays to think about what you want in life within one or even ten years. Doing so will give you a better perspective on what steps to take to set up a better future.  

When planning your life, you want to minimize all the hurdles that can derail your objectives. Saving for your future will allow you to hurdle the main roadblocks that can hold you back. Not everyone has been blessed with trust fund accounts.  

Your basic expenses naturally include food, housing, and healthcare. Often, you don’t have a choice but to set aside a huge chunk of your monthly income to pay for such necessary costs. The good news is: there are other expenses that you can cut and still live comfortably.  

Below are some things you need to set up if you want a comfortable future for yourself and your family. 


  • Lower Life Insurance Costs 


Life insurance is a necessity. Wealth gurus consider it as a major element in retirement planning. But the premiums can eat up a significant portion of your monthly income. Here’s how you can lower your life insurance costs.  

  • Re-evaluate your life insurance coverage – You’ll pay higher monthly premiums the more insurance coverage you take out. So, you need to re-evaluate how much benefits you or your dependents need. If you think that you have too much coverage, then maybe it’s time to switch to a policy with lower benefits but lower premiums.  
  • No to hidden fees – For one, some companies will reduce your premium costs if you pay annually rather than monthly. Also, some policies have extra coverage that you may not need at all. Check with your insurer and ask them to remove any add-ons you don’t need. 
  • Shop around for best rates – There are many types of life insurance. So, it pays to shop around for one that offers the coverage you need at affordable premiums. Always compare policies from different insurers before you sign up. 



  • Lower Mortgage Interest Payments 


As for your life insurance, it’s easy to forget that your mortgage interest payments can also hamper your chances of setting up a comfortable future. You don’t have to pay more for interest. Here’s how you can cut high mortgage payments. 

  • Refinance your mortgage – While this may not be possible for some homeowners, always ask your bank if you qualify for a mortgage refinancing. This can result in lower mortgage interests. 
  • Pare down loan principal – If you can spare a few dollars, make extra payments on your loan to cover portions of the principal. By paring down the principal, your interest payments will also be reduced. Plus, you’ll be able to build your equity and pay off the entire loan within a shorter period.  
  • Extend mortgage term – Ask your lender if you can extend the term of your mortgage. If you have a 15-year term, converting it to a 30-yar mortgage will surely lower your monthly payments. This can boost your monthly cash inflow but lengthening your loan will come with a higher interest rate. 



  • Lower Auto Insurance Costs 


Auto insurance is one of those costs that can easily fall through the cracks when planning your finances. Here are some suggestions to lower your auto insurance costs. 

  • Use one insurer for multiple cars and drivers – Ever heard of bulk buying in groceries? This works similarly among car insurance companies. So, if you are living with others at the same address and you have several cars, get an insurance quote from one company for all the cars and everyone who drives in your household. 
  • Drive safely – Accidents and road violations can cause your auto insurance rates to go up. So, try to maintain a clean driving record. If you are categorized as a safe driver, your auto insurer will even offer discounts. 



  • Lower Cable TV Expenses 


When viewed monthly, your cable bill may look small. But if you compute for the annual costs, the dollars you pay for your cable TV can hurt. Take control of your cable costs by following these tips. 

  • No to premium channels – Premium cable channels can eat up your dollars every month. With online streaming nowadays, you don’t need to pay for premium channels on your TV.  
  • No to additional cable boxes – Each additional cable box you have can cost you money. Maybe it’s time to consider having only one box in your living room. After all, you don’t need to have a separate TV set in each bedroom in your house. 
  • No to additional channels – Most people don’t need to have 200 TV channels. You’re not living in the ‘90s anymore. There are many more entertainment platforms online. Tweak your cable TV package to have just the essential channels.  



Setting up for your future involves cutting your expenses and saving more money for yourself. While you can’t sacrifice your monthly budget for food, housing, and healthcare, you can reduce other expenses in your life. Life insurance, mortgage payments, auto insurance, and even cable TV are some areas that you can tweak so that you can save more and look forward to a comfortable future.