6 Foundations For Creating Healthier Homes

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Home is the place you spend most of your time in. It is essential that you not only feel good mentally there but also physically. A healthy home is a clean house that is built using non-toxic materials. It should support the well-being of you and your family. 

The most common health hazard that can be found in your home includes mould, asbestos, lead, pests, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your home safe and healthy. Here, you will find six foundations with which you can transform your home into a healthy home.

Select Non-toxic and Healthy Materials for Your Home

Whenever you build or remodel your home, select materials that are as healthy as possible for you and your family, you don’t want to use materials that are made out of toxic chemicals. The best way to do this is to purchase eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are created from recycled materials.

Unfortunately, these types of materials can be quite expensive. However, they are very important to use for the sake of your health. If you can’t afford them, you can build or remodel your house with them gradually. This is a process that may take years, but it will be worth it when you eventually get there.

A good example is EPDM rubber roofing that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can plan ahead and determine how much it will cost to install this type of roofing with this handy EPDM calculator.

Thankfully, you will find several roof companies offering different types of healthy materials for your specific housing needs. A good example is EPDM rubber roofing that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can plan ahead and determine how much it will cost to install this type of roofing with this handy EPDM calculator. So, whether you are reroofing, repairing, or in need of a roof for your newly built home, you still get value for money. It also involves value for your health. While EPDM rubber roofing is trending now, you can ask the roofing company what other options are ideal for your home’s location. Ultimately, the consideration you put into the materials used for your home influences your overall health as well.


Create Chemical-Free Zones in Your Home

In order to create chemical-free zones in your home, keep all chemicals out of the kitchen and bathroom. These areas should only contain natural materials such as wood, paper, cloth, and glass. Make sure that the products you use in these areas are not only non-toxic but also biodegradable.

If you have pets or children, make sure you keep any type of cleaners locked up away from them. You can place them in a cabinet that is high up so that your pets and children cannot reach them.

Encourage Open Communication about Health Issues

A great way to avoid any health problems in your home is to bring up any concerns you have during family meetings. A great place to hold these meetings is at the dining room table since it is the centre of your home. Ask your family members if they have had any health issues. For example, if your son has been diagnosed with asthma, ask him if he has had problems breathing at any point in time.

You can also ask your family members what they think about the idea of transforming your home into a healthy one. There may be people who are against it, while others may feel like it’s a good idea. When holding these kinds of meetings, you need to listen to everyone carefully and try to find a solution that everyone agrees upon.

Install an Air Purifier in Your Bedroom at Night

The air quality inside your home can affect how well you sleep at night. If there is too much dust and other particles floating around in the air, it is going to be difficult for you to breathe properly at night while sleeping. In fact, poor air quality can lead to respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma attacks. In order to minimise these symptoms from occurring, install an air purifier in your bedroom at night. This will help cleanse the air before you go to bed and give you a good night’s sleep each night.

Use Natural Cleaning Supplies Whenever Possible

One of the best ways to create a healthy home environment is by using natural cleaning supplies whenever possible. These products tend to be non-toxic, and they are made from all-natural ingredients that can be found right there in your own kitchen pantry or garden outside. Some of the best natural products include baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils, and water using a spray bottle instead of conventional cleaning products such as those found in supermarkets and department stores today.

Use Natural Soaps Whenever Possible When Taking Showers or Baths

Baths and showers can be very relaxing, especially after a long day at work or school. However, those who are sensitive can develop rashes or hives after using soap during their showers or baths because some soaps contain chemicals such as fragrance or anti-bacterial agents that they may be allergic to. It is recommended that sensitive people choose all-natural soaps that contain ingredients that are derived directly from nature, such as olive or coconut oil extracts, instead of artificial fragrances and chemicals found in mainstream brands today.

In conclusion

This article has proven that it is possible to create a healthy home with some simple changes. Our tips can help you make your home environment more comfortable, safe and eco-friendly for your family.