How Septic Cleaning Can Help You Stay Healthy?

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You might be dependent on a septic system to cater to your home’s wastewater, especially if you live in rural or underdeveloped areas. Although septic tanks have many benefits, they require a particular way of being treated, which most people do not know. Being a new septic tank owner, there are various factors that you might not be aware of. These often lead to crucial mistakes that take you to hours of maintenance and expensive bills you would have to pay.

You might not be aware that your septic system requires a certain amount of maintenance necessary to keep it in mint condition. Fortunately for you, septic system maintenance is relatively straightforward and will surely not be complicated, costly, or messy for you to handle. Ensuring some necessary septic systems repair would indeed prove to help ensure that your septic tank system works flawlessly. After a bit of research and digging, we have compiled below some valuable points and advice that can help to keep your septic system healthy, efficient and bless it with longevity.

Septic System Inspection | The Ultimate Maintenance

Timely maintenance is the key to the pristine condition of everything in your possession. The same rule applies to the septic system. You should follow the instructions being provided and act upon them to make sure you save yourself from loads of hassle.

You must get your septic system regularly inspected if you want to keep it in a pristine condition. Inspections help find various minor issues, such as water leaks, which might be causing the septic tank to fill up in a lesser time, leading to water wastage.

It is wiser to get minor problems fixed as soon as they are found and prevent them from turning into major ones; that could mean more hectic, wastage of time, and higher repairing costs. It is also crucial that your septic tank is being pumped out regularly.

Many factors affect the time and the frequency with which you should get your septic tank pumped out. These factors include:

● The size of your household

● The amount of wastewater that is generated

● The size of the septic tank

If you are unsure about the factors mentioned above or think that these might not be as effective in your case, then it is reasonable to get your septic tank pumped out at an average of 3 to 5 years. Hence septic tank pumping is as essential as any other measure you take.

Ensure Efficient Water Usage

Using water efficiently is a norm worldwide, but it has various other reasons than just scarce water resources. Although water is the most helpful substance you would have ever encountered, it can turn out to be hazardous if it goes into places or in amounts it is not wanted.

Excessive use of water is a significant reason for septic systems to malfunction and fail their purpose. A suitable way to avoid this is to check faucets and taps and look for any water leakages to prevent this from happening by decreasing water flow into the water tank. Another essential factor to notice is not to drain your hot tub into the septic tank or drain field. This is as large volumes of water might be the reason for the ‘drowning’ your drain field. Besides, there is a certain amount of chlorine in the hot tub, which might kill the bacteria in your septic tank, causing several future issues.

Be Thoughtful While Planning Your Landscape

Choosing the right place for your setup and then modifying that place accordingly to make sure everything works in unison is the best step you can take. The same goes for the septic system. To reduce the chances of erosion, it is most suitable that you opt for grass coverage in your drain field. Another convenient option is to use plants that have a shallow root system. Make sure to avoid any plant with a more extended root system, especially trees, as they can cause root intrusion, leading to structural damage to your septic tank. There is another danger of excess water on the drain field through the sprinklers etc. It would be best to make sure that all of this extra water runs away from the drain field and does not create further problems.

Don’t Crowd the Drain field

If your drain field is not as straightforward as it should be, you need to get cautious as it can give rise to several problems that might destroy your septic system and force you to face unwanted and unnecessary loss.

Another critical point to note is to prevent parking or driving over the drain field. Furthermore, you should keep patios, storage sheds, carports, and all types of landscaping plastic away from this area as well. Such preventative measures will ensure that the soil does not pack down and put pressure on the pipes to break them.

Ensure Easy Access of Your Septic Tank Lid 

One note to be kept in mind is that if the maintenance crew can not easily access what they want to, it will not only increase the risk of:

  1. Increased time for maintenance
  2. Increased labor cost
  3. Possibility of undetected problems

If you are looking labored to upping your septic system game, there is no better option than getting a riser. A riser is the best accessory you can get; it makes the inspection process less time-consuming and allows the inspection cost to be significantly cut down.

Moreover, when it is time to empty your septic tank, a riser would allow for a cleaner process and decrease the chances of disruption to your yard.

Keep Track of What You Send Down the Drain

If you do not know what you are sending down the drain, how do you expect to know what’s wrong if a problem occurred? Hence, you must keep track of everything that goes down there and make sure that no unnecessary items are being sent.

Another measure you must take is that you should minimize garbage disposal/garburator use. This is necessary so that the solids do not build up inside the septic tanks’ walls and contaminate the elements inside. It is vital to make sure this build-up doesn’t form on the insides as it can also clog and choke the drain passage.

Also, you must refrain from pouring grease down the drain as it can often form gunk along the drainage pipes and disrupt the natural flow. If you do not pay heed to this factor and let a substantial amount of grease down there, it will cause clogging in the pipes, resulting in hefty repairs. If you want to keep your septic system in mint condition, the most important rule is never to flush down the toilet, anything except human waste and toilet paper.

Every septic tank has some vital and harmless bacteria that help break the solids inside the tank. When you pour chemicals in the drain and eventually into the septic system, it would kill the bacteria. These will result in blockages as the solid waste would not be broken down entirely in the near future.

However, other issues might also follow suit. Hence, it is extremely important to use earth-friendly cleaners to minimize any unnecessary harm caused to the bacteria and save you from future problems. Naturally, you might face problems regarding your septic tank system. It is useful that you have a look at the factors mentioned above and check whether you made any mistakes or not.

If your maintenance techniques fail for some reason and you start facing problems regarding your septic system, it would help if you contact septic tank services and get professional help. Keeping track would also help preserve the maintenance process, cutting down the extra hassle and cost that you might’ve had to spend in other scenarios. Hence, it is more convenient to keep track and look out for problems as soon as they arise.


If you follow all the steps mentioned above, we can guarantee that you will savor a less problematic life concerning your septic system. However, if you still face any issues, do not forget to contact the relevant people mentioned so that you never have to face problems, and if you do, they get solved immediately.