8 Tips for a Beautiful and Easy-Care Garden

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Unlike austere English gardens, where each plant has its own place, informal gardens in private suburban areas benefit from a rich palette of colors and shapes. And most importantly, caring for such areas is more connected with creativity than with active physical labor.

How to Create an Easy-to-maintain Country Garden

Several simple tips will help you to create a beautiful place to enjoy nature.

  • Start small

If you know for sure that you are not ready to spend all your free time looking after the territory, do not plan a grandiose project, otherwise, you will quickly become disappointed in your idea. Purchase several Amaryllis bulbs on https://dutch-bulbs.com/amaryllis-hippeastrum/, choose several other beautiful plants, and find out how to care for them. The process should not be a burden: start with a small corner and gradually expand the boundaries of the garden as far as you desire.


  • Invest in soil

Planting the plants in good, fertile soil rich in organic matter, where they will grow excellently with a minimum of watering, and fertilizing from the beginning will significantly reduce the garden’s need for your attention. It will not be superfluous to analyze the soil to more efficiently select fertilizers. Apply organic matter annually by purchasing compost or making your own.

  • Plan your planting

Often a lot of work in the garden is required precisely because of the wrong place for the plants. Make a plan ahead of time based on the lighting, humidity, climate, and companion plant needs of the selected species. Unpretentious flowers are just flowers that live in optimal conditions.

  • Use mulch

Mulching the soil helps prevent weeds and rapid evaporation of moisture from the upper layers, and also gives the site a cleaner look. Bark, compost, leaf humus gradually decompose and work as organic fertilizer. Do not forget that some plants prefer loose soil and do not tolerate stagnant moisture – dose water and take into account individual characteristics.

  • Automate watering

Automatic irrigation systems are more accurate and economical in resource consumption than a person with a watering can. Drip hoses save you time and bring water to the roots of your plants without wasting.