Ideal Ways to Spend Less Money During Wintertime

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Sometimes, getting through winter can be a stressful business. The weather is cold and dreary, leaving many people depressed or irritated. Keeping a household running with the additional expenses that winter brings can become a stressful nightmare if your budget will not stretch that far.

At times like these, it feels like winter will never end, and when it does, you start anticipating the following one’s start with dread. While your electric bill will spike during winter, here are ways to keep it to a minimum and some other winter saving ideas:

Use an effective heating system

Many homeowners groan when you mention a heating system, knowing how expensive but necessary it is to run one. After all, a home’s interior must be livable during those long cold months, but the added expense can be burdensome. Fortunately, heating systems are so advanced that you can speak to experts at Best Electric Radiators about an eco-friendly heating solution that will save you money. The more efficient heating appliances are, the less electricity they use, saving you significant sums of money. 

Smart heating devices from companies like Ecostrad iQ, Technotherm, and Haverland can save hundreds of dollars in heating costs while still providing the same, if not better, heating quality that your current system does. Older systems tend to use much more power to maintain a thermostat setting. Even changing the thermostat setting can be an onerous task. However, newer systems are more user-friendly and convenient.

Adjusting temperatures

Unless someone in your household remains home all day, there is no need to have a heating system running at full capacity 24/7. Adjust the temperature down for times that no one will be home. Smart thermostats come with timers. Program yours so that the heating comes on at full strength an hour or so before the first person is due home. Set the system to go down a degree or two once everyone is in bed, warmly dressed and under a few cozy blankets.

If you work from home, consider buying radiators online and a heating system that allows you to keep your workspace warm without heating the rest of your house. With heating only concentrated in one room, your costs automatically fall. A few minor adjustments to your heating system, such as these, can save you a lot of money on your electric bill.


Insulation is the process of implementing practices that retain heat and do not allow it to escape. You might assume that this means having costly insulation installed in your roof. While this is an effective way to keep a house warm and save energy costs, the initial outlay might be beyond your current means. However, that does not mean that you cannot use insulation principles in the house.

Blankets act as insulators, trapping body heat underneath them. Heavy curtains insulate your home from the absorption of heat by window glass. You can turn down the heat and save some money.

Homemade is best

Long winter nights are ideal for exploring your creative side and coming up with some unique gift ideas. The best presents are usually not those lavish store-bought ones but instead those that take time and effort to make. If you are a gifted cook, think about giving homemade soup to friends, family members, and colleagues as birthday gifts. Give the container as a gift, filled with something delicious to enjoy on a cold evening. Use the same idea with cookies, putting them in tins as gifts.

Keep your hands busy by knitting jerseys and caps, stitching a quilt, or experimenting with watercolors. These activities are perfect for making gifts while keeping you home and not spending money on other entertainment. Get your kids involved in making holiday decorations as this is quality time spent together combined with financial saving.

Travel wisely

Car travel can be challenging in difficult winter conditions. While it is necessary to get to work and back, do not go on car trips you could avoid. For example, do weekly shopping instead of driving to a store every day or two.

Keep vehicle tires at the correct pressure as this reduces gas consumption on the road. Use enough antifreeze in a vehicle’s radiator to make starting it easier, as this also cuts down on gas use.