How to Choose a Baby Shower Venue

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There’s a baby on the way and it’s time to celebrate. But regardless of whether you’re throwing a baby shower for a close friend or even organizing your own celebration, there’s a lot to think about to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

The guest list, the theme, the decor, and the entertainment are all important, but one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is choosing a baby shower venue. The venue sets the tone for the shower right from the start, and finding the perfect spot can make the day extra special for the mom-to-be.

So if you’re planning a party to celebrate the impending arrival of a new bub, keep reading for our top tips on how to compare baby shower venues. 


Alt text: Girl kissing her pregnant mother’s belly at baby shower.

Why not host at home?

The traditional approach when holding a baby shower is to host it at home. It’s convenient, ensures that you can decorate the space how you want, and makes it easy to do lots of preparation in advance.

But no one said you had to stick with tradition, and there are plenty of good reasons why you should consider hiring a dedicated event space for your baby shower. Chief among them is avoiding all the tiresome cleaning work that hosting a party entails — not just cleaning up when the party is over, but getting your home in optimum shape to host guests in the first place.

Hosting your party at a special venue can take a whole lot of stress out of the day, so it’s well worth shopping around to see what’s available near you.

What mom wants

Those are the three words you need to remember when choosing a venue. While you might have your own ideas about how the party should go, it really all comes down to what the mom-to-be wants.

So before you start searching for baby shower venues, ask her what she expects for the celebration:

  • Is she anticipating a casual brunch with friends or something a little more formal and traditional? 
  • Will it be an all-female guest list or a unisex gathering? 
  • Will there be lots of fun and games, or is this more of an opportunity for different groups of friends and family members to chat and get to know one another?

In other words, what sort of atmosphere does she want the day to have? Once you’ve got a clear idea, you can start searching for a suitable venue.

Location matters (and so does size)

When you’re eight months pregnant, getting around isn’t always easy. With this in mind, the venue you choose should be simple and convenient for the expectant mom to access. It should also be in a central location for as many guests as possible, so look for something with ample parking and close to public transport.

You’ll also need to work out the guest list early so you have a rough idea of how many people will be coming. This will allow you to find a space with the ideal capacity for your group.