How to Create and Follow a Daily Routine For a Big Family

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What do you think is a big family? Many people who decide to have more than 2-3 children don’t always take this decision responsibly. We used to associate a big family with happy children who run in the house, a father who comes home from work and is happy to see his children, and a mother who cooks delicious food. In the morning, all of them meet at breakfast, and each member knows what they do next. People mistakenly believe that this order emerged in itself, but not. Such organization is a result of the long and tedious work of each member of the family.

The daily routine is beneficial both for parents and children. Parents feel they do their job well by keeping everything organized; they have more free time and devote it to family activities. Moreover, you and your children have a clear plan as to how to spend the weekend. What about children? Younger children learn to be organized and prepare for school.

Children get some healthy habits and understand the importance of taking responsibility for something. Older ones seem to already know it, but they still can have trouble with self-organization, especially in studying. Sometimes doing homework takes them more time than it’s supposed to take, but the majority of students prefer to use professional essay writing assistance. Essay writing company is ready to provide help to all who need it.

Here’s a guide on how to create a daily routine for your family.

  1. Define what activities you have every day

Analyzing your day is the first thing you should do. A big family means you do a lot of actions every day, have a lot of household chores to divide, and tasks to solve. If your family is really big and you’ve been living without any schedule for many years, it may be difficult enough to remember everything you do. You may live a few days in your ordinary schedule and write down everything you and your children do. If you’re working and can’t stay at home all day, ask your partner and children to write down what they do when you’re absent. As a result, you’ll have a full list of actions and duties.

  1. Decide how your routine should look like

Quite often, people who work on creating a routine start to this that their previous ‘schedule’ was good enough. If you feel the same, we advise you to search for the daily routine samples on the Internet. It’s okay not to know something. As soon as you see the sample, you’ll notice that your routine looks more like a mess than like a routine itself. Don’t get disappointed: you started it to make your day organized, and you’re close to completing your goal.

  1. What do you want to add?

Brainstorming is another important state in designing a daily family routine. Daily routine has even more goals than you can imagine. Of course, first of all, we create it to add some organization to our life. But it doesn’t mean we should limit the opportunities of daily routine. Some parents create daily routines to teach children to do their household chores and live in a clean house; others want them to obtain the necessary habits, such as do homework on time, brush their teeth every morning, or make the bed every day. Don’t ignore your own needs: perhaps you want this routine to give your family more free time to spend together.

  1. Design the final daily routine

If you’re sure you’ve added all needs and duties, place the items in this list in order and make sure you’ve done everything right. You’re free to choose the way your family will get access to the daily routine. Some people prefer writing in on a sheet of paper and attaching it to a dashboard in the living room or to a refrigerator. Moreover, it’s not convenient enough to mark the duties and tasks that are done when you write the routine by hand. However, each family chooses the option that’s convenient for it.

  1. Use a digital calendar for the whole family

The whole world moves to more advanced solutions, so why should your family lag behind, right? There are a lot of apps that let several people synchronize routines, schedules, and to-do lists. We all can’t live without smartphones, and not because we always need to browse websites or play games. If you finally decide to use an online calendar, pay your attention to Google Calendar, Cozi, TimeTree, Any.Do, or Trello. We advise you to devote a certain color to each member of your family and mark the task they should do with a corresponding color.

Well, now you have to test your daily routine to make sure it’s effective and suits the needs of each family member. Remember to complement this routine with regular visits with a physician and a dentist too to keep your family’s health in check. If you don’t have a dentist yet, you can check out this one that offers dental bondings and fillings in Harrisburg.