Health Update On Baby 5

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Hi All!

I am so happy to introduce you to our Gwenyth Grace ( we FINALLY agreed on a name).

I alluded to some mild health issues for her – and wanted to give you the happy updates!

Here were the issues:

Weight Loss – This little one lost over that 10% birth weight ( which was 6 pounds 11 ounces) – she actually was in the 5 pound range after we left the hospital. Not sure why that happened – she was eating up a storm of breast milk but she was also making TONS of diapers. But we are on a better track now and she is finally gaining weight!

Jaundice – Every one of my babies are jaundice soon after birth – I think it is mainly caused by being born early. Her numbers were not great and boy did her skin turn yellow. We had a few doctor’s appointments last week to make sure her numbers started going down. It just started to trend downwards! She still has a yellow tint and yellow in her eyes – but I am hoping she will be at normal levels soon!