Introducing Baby 5

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To follow Baby 5’s Journey Go HERE.

Baby 5 is HERE and We FINALLY Have A NAME!!!

Are you ready?!!!!

Are you sure?!!!!

Baby 5 is now…………

Gwenyth Grace

We decided to call her by both names – Gwenyth ( Gwen-ith) is her legal first name and Grace is her middle but after a LONG LONG process Eric and I agreed the joining of the 2 names was perfect for her.

She was born  – July 22 2021

at 2:42 pm PST

Weight – 6 pound 11 ounces

Height – 18 inches – fun fact – Gwendolyn and Gwenivere were both 18 inches long as well 

Here is her crying – the first of many times I am sure 😉

Look at that face though – she was born with darker brown hair – but the same style as all the others – not a ton up top and a ton in the back.

Here is another cute photo I took this afternoon – she has a sweet energy and I cannot wait to see how she grows.

You might notice her eyes are a bit yellow – we are dealing with some jaundice issues. But she is doing very well and Gwendolyn more than anyone else is in love.

I know many of you have asked about the baby registry and missed it before – HERE is the link. We have been so blessed please do not feel like you need to contribute.