How Gwenyth Grace is Doing

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Maybe it is because I have been a mama so many times before but this time has been so much easier in many ways.

You can tell when they are going to poop or why they are crying. Gwenyth Grace has so many qualities of the other kids – which makes sense but still is mind blowing to me.

Some updates – She is not sleeping through the night – but she does not fuss. So it is usually a quick feed and back down. She does have some gas issues – seems like all my kiddos do but this mama knows how to get them out.

She hates baths – holy moly we have to do keep dips with her. The screams!

She loves to be around the other kids. Noise does not seem to both her.

She has lost a good portion of her hair up top – all the kids do at this age but it seems to be growing in dark like my hair was as a child. Here is a fun photo of me as a newborn with my dad.

And here is Gwenyth Grace with my dad a couple of days ago.

Overall, we feel blessed in everyday in every way soaking in his little girl.