How Much Does A Whole House Water Filter Cost?

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All living things need water. You can go traversing the desert without food for more than nine days. However, you will only survive for less than four days without water. 

So, it is paramount that we take our fair amount of water to keep us hydrated, fresh, and feeling cool. 

In order to have clean water, it must first undergo a filtration process before it reaches the faucets and bottles in our houses. This is where a whole house water filter comes in handy. It can provide the quality water everyone needs. But what is a whole-house water filter? Is it expensive to install? Is it worth it at all? 

We will answer all of these inquiries and learn about other related things. So, stay tuned!

What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter is a purification system that regulates and filters water. This device makes sure water that flows through the entire house is clean and safe to use. 

The best whole house water filter purifies water by removing all contaminants and other unwanted material. Currently, there are more than two types of whole house water filters:

  • Backwashing filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Sediment filters
  • Iron filters
  • Sulfur filters
  • Fluoride filters
  • Nitrate filters
  • And so much more 

The Benefits Of Having A Whole House Water Filter

While it is true that a whole house water filter makes your water taste better. But it does a whole lot more than that. Here are some of the advantages of installing a whole-house water filter and a sink water filter like these.

  • You will receive clean and safe water from every water source inside your house.
  • Your water is healthier, which is ideal for drinking, cooking, farming, and so on.
  • Filtered water means better showers and baths. You will see the transformation in your skin and hair.
  • Softened and clean water will likely leave less dirt and debris in pipes, sinks, tubs, and other water systems.
  • You can also use filtered water to do the laundry. Using this type of water for your clothes will make them brighter and long-lasting.
  • Using the water coming out from your faucets means less bottled water usage. That’s one point for the environment.

How Much Does A Whole House Water Filter Cost?

The cost of the filter will depend on the type, size, and function. Most water filters cost around $2000 to install, including the materials and the labor fees. Less complicated water filtration systems, on the other hand, will only be around $1000 or higher. The more complex ones cost around $4000 to $6000. 

Finding The Ideal Water Filter For Your Home

You can visit outlets and shops that cater to water filters and filtration services. This idea gives you a chance to get out and do some shopping. You will get the liberty to check things in person, and sales personnel will tell you all you need to know about water filters. 

If you don’t think that commuting to a hardware outlet is a decent idea, then why not go online? Perusing online platforms for whole house water filtration systems is fun and easy. You can check out thousands of catalogs and the prices that come along with them and the best bit is that you can do it in the comfort and safety of your home.  

Should I Get A Professional To Install The System?

That would be a yes from us. You can do the job with no expert by your side. You can do it alone, or with the help of some family members. But it would be better to let the pros handle it on your behalf. Doing so will get the filter running up in no time. That means you can have clean and quality water even way faster.

Is A Whole House Water Filter Worth The Expense At All?

Oh, absolutely. That is if you want to have clean and pure water for all your day-to-day activities and purposes. It is a fact that you will have to spend some precious cash to install the system. But you and your family will benefit from it for years to come. Can you just imagine utilizing unprocessed, hard water?

As A Conclusion

A whole house water filter is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. We highly recommend you install one for your home. It will reward you will high quality water you and your loved ones can use. The water filter will also leave you with clean dishes and clothes. Not to mention how lovely your hair and skin look with it!