[make bread at home] 5 Tips in Choosing the Best Stand Mixers

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Everything you need to know before you buy a stand mixer

If you love cooking then you have probably been dreaming of owning a stand mixer for years. Many people don’t take the jump because stand mixers can be really expensive. 


A stand mixer is an investment, but if you choose the right one you can enjoy infinite returns from it. Today, we are going to help you pick out the perfect stand mixer for you and your kitchen. 


Below, you will find 5 tips that will change the way you shop for kitchen equipment.  


#1 – Price does not always equate to quality 

There are many things in life that get better the more you spend on them – this is not always the case with stand mixers. Some of the best stand mixers out there are expensive, but there are also plenty of bargains to be found. 


The real question is – how do you know when you have found a bargain or when the price is just too good to be true? 


Our secret weapon is online reviews. If you think you have found a bargain then check out its reviews on Amazon and on baking sites that you trust – like https://makebreadathome.com/


These sites will be able to help you avoid products that are too expensive and cheap products that aren’t worth the money. 


#2 – Warranties are more important than you think 

You may not realize this, but a product’s warranty will tell you exactly how long the manufacturer expects the product to last. 


If a product has a 1 year warranty then the manufacturer expects it to last at least a year but not much longer. A 10 year warranty implies that the manufacturer expects the product to last at least 10 years. 


The product with a 1 year warranty may be cheaper but if you have to replace it every year, then, in the long run, buying the more expensive product with a longer warranty will be worth it. 


Be on the lookout for stand mixers with long warranties – many of the most established brands will offer longer warranties. 


#3 – It is worth paying more if the mixer works with attachments 

Some of the mixers on the market can do a lot more than just mix bread. In fact, many of them come with attachments that allow them to do a whole host of other things. 


For example, some brands come with pasta rolling attachments, ice cream making attachments, meat grinding attachments, food processing attachments, and even vegetable shredding attachments. 


This may sound like strange attachments to add to your mixer, but if you have a small kitchen then they can be a game changer. They are also a great idea if you want to keep your kitchen free of clutter. 


By buying these attachments you can save money on other kitchen appliances – such as a pasta maker or a food processor. 


#4 – Make sure it is easy to clean 

When you are reading reviews about a stand mixer – you need to be on the lookout for how easy people find it to clean. 


While it may feel good to save money in the beginning, it is worth spending more so that you can get something that makes your life easier. And a hard to clean stand mixer will not do that. 


Ideally, you would like to be able to wash all the important attachments in the dishwasher and for the body to come with a coat of paint that is easy to wipe down. You will also want to make sure that the stand mixer is easy to dismantle. You don’t want to have to battle with it every time you use it. 


#5 – Get the second newest model to save money 

If you want to enjoy the quality and the long warranty of a more high-end model, but you don’t want to have to pay the high-end price tag –  then you should consider getting the second newest model. 


Every time a new model is released, the second newest model will go down in price. These models are usually updated every year and a half. This means that you are getting a stand mixer that is fairly new without having to pay too much. 


This tip is applicable to most forms of electronics. 


If you have found the perfect mixture, but it is the newest model – you could try waiting for 6 months until it goes down in price.