8 Baking Essentials For New Bakers 

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Freshly baked goodies are pure magic and an absolute delicacy. Baking is an art that requires perfect measurements, tactics, and an eye for detail & creativity. Whether you love the smell of freshly baked bread for the morning breakfast, or an apple pie or comforting peach cobbler for dessert, baking brings together people more than ever.

 If you are looking forward to venturing out into the world of baking, certain tools are a must for your baking journey. The list below focuses on those essentials that will kickstart your baking dreams.

Cake Tins

There is no baking without a durable Cake tin to retain the shape of your baked goods. The tins come in various shapes, colors and sizes to suit your requirements. They also come with heat-resistant clasps to make the baking process smoother than ever. It is advisable to use springform cake tins or an aluminum exterior to get a nice and even cake exterior. A pan with an extra depth is always the smartest choice to opt for if you are just starting. The depression of the container makes it all the more versatile as it can cover a large number of recipes like cheesecakes, sponge cakes without having to purchase multiple cake tins.

Hand Mixer

When compared with stand mixers, which often take up a lot of kitchen space & have exorbitant prices, hand mixers are a blessing in disguise because of their compactness and versatility. From kneading the flour for bread, cakes, etc., or whisking the eggs for a frothy consistency, hand mixers are all-rounders that are a must if you are venturing into baking. You can make multiple batches of cookie dough at a stipulated time by using a hand mixer which would become a mammoth task if you were to just use your bare hands. 


If you are into decorative, boutique cakes that infuse glamour and taste into one, the spatula is going to be your new best friend. This kitchen utensil makes it a cakewalk to smoothen out icing in between cake layers and give the exterior a professional smooth finish. Its long, flexible length and rounded edge make it easy to scrap the endings, smooth the cake batter into the baking pan, and more. Another lesser-known but vital usage of the spatula is using it to scrape cookie dough off the baking sheets, removing the baked and cooled cookies without baking them. Discover new recipes every day and release the inner baker lurking inside you, hoping to spring free.

Piping Bags

If you love your cookies and cakes to be decorative and fun, piping bags can bring your baking goodies to life. They come in various sizes and you can easily attach them to various nozzles to get decorative designs. Piping bags allow you to have a smooth functioning baking process and help to avoid all the mess.

Piping Nozzles

There might be an overwhelming number of piping nozzles around you but you are a newbie, there are a few basic nozzles that are a must for every baking enthusiast. The leaf piping nozzle and the petal nozzles can help you create innumerable flower designs that are widely popular for cake decorations, be it birthdays, graduation parties, and more. The closed star piping nozzles are another must for anyone who loves ruffled buttercream frosting for the off-beat decorations. You can also add different textures and make the cake more appealing. If you are a born artist, imagine the piping nozzle to be your paintbrush and the cake to be your canvas to get the perfect picture.

Measuring Cups

The roots of baking delicious goods lie in the fact that measuring cups have a pivotal role to start with the plan of baking. To have all your ingredients measured out perfectly gives you precision and also allows you to have complete control over the outcome. If you have a descriptive recipe of the baked good you have been intending to make, adhering to the right measurements can give you the exact results you have been hoping for on the very first try.

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Rotating Cake Stand

The rotating cake stand is the truest blessing in a baker’s life that helps you achieve a smooth frosting finish. Keeping the fluidity intact, the rotating stand helps you decorate a spinning cake. The moving allows a smoother finish than what you would achieve while decorating it on a tray or a plate. It also increases productivity by many folds and makes your oven stories worth the buzz. The usual materials used for a  cake turntable are made of glass, wood, metal, and, plastic. Choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Scraper or Icing Comb

One of the trickiest parts for a baker is to achieve the perfect clean edges or a textured look. A spatula is not enough to give you the smooth finish look if you do not remove the excess frosting off the cake. A scraper works as the balancer that keeps the ratio of frosting and the cake in perfect proportions. You can also you the comb to create special designs, insert different layers of frosting, and more.

The list above shortlists all the important items you need to have before starting your baking journey. Check out the list and start your day and make sweet things happen every day because there is nothing a delicious dessert can not fix.