Winter Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

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The winter weather is approaching fast! Are you and your home prepared for it? Everyone has their system for home maintenance, but there are a few things you will want to make sure are on your list this winter. Here are the top five maintenance tasks that you shouldn’t forget:


1.    Have Your Roof Inspected and Clean Out Your Gutters

Due to the harshness of winter weather, it may be in your favor to have someone come out and inspect your roof for any leaks, damages, or missing shingles. These are generally easy fixes and can be done on the spot. You will also want to clean out your gutters if you have not in a while because packed gutters can contribute to roof leaks. Considering the importance of having a durable and secure roof, consulting with a professional roofing service like Gorilla Roofing can ensure that your home is prepared to withstand the elements. Their expertise in identifying and rectifying potential issues can provide peace of mind through the colder months.


2.    Check Your Appliances for Unwanted Dust

Once it starts getting colder out, two things are important to everyone: warmth and food. That is why it is essential to make sure you change your HVAC filter and clean your refrigerator coils. To avoid a heating and cooling system breakdown this winter, you will want to replace your HVAC filter to prevent a dirty filter reducing your energy efficiency and raising your electric bills. As for cleaning your refrigerator coils, not many people think to clear out the dust that collects at the back and bottom of your fridge. The dust collection can cause problems with the compressor and make it fail sooner because it is harder to release heat. You can do this as simply as unplugging your refrigerator and vacuuming up the dust or using a coil cleaning brush.


3.    Inspect Your Foundation & Seal Any Cracks

An effortless way to cut costs on electricity bills this winter is to make sure you do not have any small cracks in your home’s foundation or add caulk around your windows. If you notice any cracks, you will want to seal those so you are not letting out any warm air making it harder to heat your home. This will also prevent any unwanted rodents or bugs from finding a way into your home to find heat.


4.    Lube Your Garage Door Springs

To avoid a significant garage door repair in your future, be sure to add lubing your overhead torsion springs mounted above the roller tracks, the rollers, tracks, and hinges to your list this winter. Metal fatigue or corrosion is bound to happen eventually if you do not do this annually. An important tip is to make sure you cover the wall behind it because spraying the lubricant can be very messy.


5.    Invest in a Generator

Nobody expects to need a generator until it is too late. You will be happy you invested in one when the next snowstorm hits and causes a power outage. You could even save money and share one with a neighbor. That way, you and your families can still enjoy the heat, lights, TV, and any other electricity items/appliances.

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