3 of the Best Free Working Sports Streaming Apps That You Need in 2022

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The world has become an expensive place in the last couple of years. And while a surge in rising costs and inflation have been blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter the reasons, people are feeling the pinch in many ways.

When it comes to budgeting your expenses, cutting out frivolous spending is usually the first priority when trying to save money. But believe it or not, many people don’t want to cut out costs for entertainment, even though this is an obvious luxury expense.

While cord cutting is a great way to free up income when it comes to entertainment, there are also other ways you can still enjoy your preferred entertainment for free in many cases, such as with free games and free sports programming. 

If you’re ready to tighten up your budget, the following will explore the best free sports streaming sites you’ll need in 2022.


Thankfully, the sports world has many options to consider no matter what your favorite game is. And if you love sports, SportSurge is a free live streaming website that can be accessed on any device, even on your smartphone. In fact, SportSurge boasts being the world’s first mobile sports streaming app that’s accessible in over 150 countries. 

The great thing about SportSurge is that it offers free streams of any game:

  • NFL
  • Boxing
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MMA. 

Additionally, SportSurge also offers archived games as well as live streaming that’s 100 percent free for all users without worrying about paying for a subscription. And though you may see ads during live streams, when navigating the main interface, you won’t be distracted by any ads at all. 


CrackStreams compiles and displays some of the most popular and latest sporting events from around the world in an organized manner. Though if you’re a soccer or hockey fan this streaming site isn’t going to be for you. 

While CrackStreams lacks soccer and hockey, you can find and watch plenty of big matchups in football, MMA, basketball, WWE, and boxing. And you can also access American XFL games as well. 

Most CrackStream users have claimed that the site is simple and straightforward to use in many online reviews. However, when it comes to stream quality, there are many mixed reviews. For example, some users claim that they’ve had the best streaming experience with CrackStreams while others claim that the streaming quality is a bit lackluster. 

Regardless of the reviews, CrackStreams is worth checking out simply because you have such a variety of free sports that you can watch on any device. 


Another great sports streaming site that’s completely free of cost is StreamEast. And if you can’t get your favorite hockey or soccer games on other streaming sites, StreamEast has them for you. 

All in all, StreamEast offers tennis, cricket, soccer, NHL, MLB, NFL, boxing, golf, basketball, badminton, wrestling, and many others. So if you’re a true sports fan, this streaming site has you covered over a wide array of games and matches from all over the world. 

Though as of 2022, StreamEast is still working out bugs and perfecting its streaming experience, it has one of the largest libraries of any other free streaming site you can find today. In fact, though reviews are largely mixed, this site has become one of the most preferred simply due to having such a variety of free sports entertainment options to choose from. 

It’s also good to note that like any other free streaming site, you will have the occasional ads that pop up during a live stream. 

Cutting expenses is a great way to save money and budget during these times of economic upheaval. But with all of the free streaming options for sports available today, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars a year or more on sports entertainment when you can stream them live, for free.