5 Things That Are Accomplished During Dog Obedience Training

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Do you know that joyous feeling you have when you learn something new? Well, dogs feel the same way, and they find a lot of excitement in mastering new skills. What’s even better is they enjoy learning new things with you, their favorite human.

That’s because, by nature, dogs are social animals, and their physiological and emotional health plays a key role in molding their behavior. They look up to us for guidance on how to behave so they can learn what we expect from them. 

However, those are basic commands, and your furry friend might have some other behaviors you’d like to change. Before you look up ‘dog obedience training near me’ online, you need to evaluate what you want to teach your dog and what behaviors you’d like to improve on. 

That said, here are five things you can expect to achieve with dog obedience training.  

1. Easier Management of Your Canine

As highlighted earlier, obedience trainers teach dogs simple commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ which help dog owners manage their dogs with a lot more ease. 

Better management of the dog means they can easily control them and their behaviors such that the dog can even become a part of the extended family. They won’t have to be left at home or kept away during events because they can come back when called, greet others politely, and walk controllably while on a leash. 

2. Establish a Tighter Bond

Research shows that dog owners whose dogs are behaviorally sound have a stronger bond with their pet and get more satisfaction from having a happy, obedient, responsive, and well-trained dog. 

They have closer bonds with their dogs because they derive more pleasure from dog ownership.  

3. Better Hygiene Habits

One highly appreciated benefit of obedience training is sphincter control, an essential requirement if you’re going to live with your dog inside your house. 

Obedience training teaches dogs where they can do their business since they’re not born with that instinct. This might include rocks, gravel, dirt, grass, or even out on the street.  

4. Socialization Skills

Dogs are social animals and they need to learn how to interact with and get along with other dogs and people. It’s highly likely that they will come across other dogs and their owners while on walks or vet appointments. 

The dog needs to know what behavior is acceptable and what is not, even if they don’t get out of the house a lot.     

5. Safety

An obedient dog is much safer to have around friends and family than an uncontrollable dog. They are also a lower risk to themselves. Remember, your dog is still an animal and it can be unpredictable at times.  

Looking for Dog Obedience Training Near Me?

Obedience training is less about teaching your dog to do something and more about helping the dog learn something new. The learning relationship between you and your dog starts with developing a relationship of trust. 

As such, make sure that you engage them in activities such as playing, exploration walks, and meeting new friends, to set the right tone for learning new skills either with your or a licensed trainer. You can start the basics of dog training on your own, since it’s a great way to bond with your dog.