A Mommy’s Guide to Traveling with Kids

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Traveling can be both a wonderful and stressful activity, especially when you are a mom. Having to take care of accommodation, transportation, and travel itineraries while at the same time caring for young children can be quite overwhelming.

Still, it is all worth it in the end because you get to enjoy new experiences and make unforgettable memories alongside your loved ones. There is no better feeling than seeing the amazement on the face of your child as they see an iconic landmark like Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty. Also, knowing that you worked hard for them to have that experience is even more rewarding!

The trick to traveling with kids is to prepare ahead of time. Here are some great tips to take into consideration for a fantastic family vacation:

#1 Plan ahead

Planning ahead is the number one tip people give out with any type of traveling, but there is a reason for it. Even if you were to go on a trip alone, having everything set up months ahead liberates you from a significant portion of traveling stress. The planning phase includes setting a destination, finding appropriate accommodation, and putting together the traveling itinerary.

Do not be afraid to involve all of your family in the planning too! Your spouse and children can be of great help in deciding the traveling destination and choosing what landmarks to see. Even when you think you know what your kids will like best, they can surprise you with their choices.

If this is your first time going to a busy destination with children, make sure to get a hotel in the central area of the city. This is the best solution when you do not know much about the neighborhood’s reputation and safety levels. Since you are booking months ahead, the accommodation will definitely be more affordable.

#2 Always think about safety

While on the topic, it cannot be stressed enough how important safety is when traveling with children. If you have kids that like to run off, a great idea is to get wearable tracking devices. Of course, you will keep an eye on them, but having this precaution in place will help put your mind at ease.

You can also dress them in bright colors to easily identify them in a crowd. Do not hesitate to also have an open and honest talk with your children. Tell them that you are going to see popular landmarks that tend to get busy, and you need them to stick close to you no matter what.

If you are traveling by plane or train and don’t plan on renting a vehicle for the stay, you should start planning transportation solutions for the places you will be visiting. Airports are one of the busiest and most stressful places for young children. Therefore, getting out of there in a quick and smooth manner should be a priority.

A great solution for visiting cities that you do not know is to book a professional car service. These premium transportation companies are equipped with safe and comfortable vehicles and trained chauffeurs that know how to get around their service area. For instance, the highly experienced team at Islip Limo always provides a seamless airport transfer service for family trips in the New York City and Long Island area.

#3 Come prepared

The truth is that children can get restless and fussy, especially when traveling for a long time. If you find that you do not have their favorite pacifier or toy when they need it, you will probably have to deal with a meltdown in the middle of the airport, and nobody wants that.

Thinking ahead will be the biggest gift you give your future self that just wants to enjoy a family vacation in peace. You know your children’s quirks better than anyone. Depending on their ages, they will probably need different items while traveling too.

After planning out your itinerary, take the time to write out a checklist of necessary things to bring with you on the trip. Here are some suggestions for you: their favorite toys for comfort, healthy snacks, water bottles, raincoats, a compact first-aid kid, diapers, a change of shoes, books, a blanket.

Everyone is guilty of leaving things last minute from time to time, but as you can see, planning is a mom’s best friend. When you know you are prepared for any situation, you can let go of any worries and just enjoy the special time alongside your family. After all, that is what traveling is all about!