Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas For Your Backyard

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For your 2022 resolution to help save mother Earth, there’s no better place to begin than your home. You can recycle many items around the house to turn them into eco-friendly décor pieces for your backyard or even front yard. These décor pieces will make your backyard look beautiful, and some of these might even help you nurture new plant life. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some eco-friendly décor ideas that will help you transform your backyard into a beautiful garden:

Décor Ideas for Recycling Old Tires 

Old tires are one of the most versatile objects for recycling. You can utilize old tires as planters in multiple ways. You can flip them inside out and have a circular planter space in the middle. Alternatively, you can seal the hole from the side and use the whole tire as a planter. 

Tires can be easily painted to add some colours to your home garden. The foldable rubber of the tires also allows you to make new shapes from the tires.

But you also use tires in their original shape as seating. All you will need to turn old tires into garden seats is a circular piece of foam to fit inside the tire and some polyester fabric. Polyester or acrylic fabric is highly resistant to dust, dirt, and water and works well for backyard seating. 

You can cover the top and bottom of the foam with the fabric by stapling it on the side. You can then stuff the piece of foam inside the tire, hiding the sides. Comfortable and sturdy seats for the backyard are ready!

If you have a large tree in your backyard, you can also apply this idea to create an old tire swing. Swinging on an eco-friendly décor piece in nature will help you continue your eco-friendly journey!

Décor Ideas for Recycling Wooden Crates 

eco-friendly décor ideas for recycled wooden crates are not limited to the inside of the house. If you want to bring the earthy, bohemian vibe they give your home to the outdoors; you can easily do so by turning them into planters. 

Turning recycled wooden crates into planters requires some effort. It will require deconstructing one wooden crate completely and using its pieces to fill up spaces in others. You don’t need to fill all spaces in crates that you will use as planters. 

Covering the bottom and half of the crate’s height is usually enough. This allows you to use the pieces from one deconstructed crate to fill up spaces of 2 to 3 planters. Once the planters are ready, use them to plant small to medium-sized plants such as tomatoes or chilli seeds. You can create as many planters from wooden crates as you want to start a kitchen garden. 

You can fill up all the empty spaces of wooden crates to create sturdy seating for the backyard too. Once the crate looks like an open-top box, flip it upside down to create easy garden seats. You can paint these seats if you want and place them all around a fire pit to fit as many people as you want. 

Décor Ideas for Recycling Old Containers

You can utilize all sorts of old containers around your home to create planters. Metal, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, or even leather containers can be turned into eco-friendly and sustainable planters. Simply drill a hole under the container so the soil can drain excess water. 

You can also paint these different containers in different colours to give your backyard an eclectic and fairytale garden look. 

Décor Ideas for Recycling Plastic Waste 

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be challenging from time to time. Families with kids and pets can have a difficult time reducing their waste. However, there is a solution to utilizing all kinds of plastic waste in your backyard by creating plastic bricks. 

Plastic bricks are formed when you fill up disposable plastic bottles with enough plastic waste to become hard like a brick. You can fill up the plastic bottles with anything from plastic straws to wrappers and used cling film.

You will need a sturdy wooden stick or a steel rod that can be easily slid into the mouth of the plastic bottle. You can use this stick to push the plastic waste into the plastic bottle. You can also push the waste down into the bottle to create space for more plastic waste. Using the stick will help you create unbendable and sturdy plastic bricks. These plastic bricks can be as sturdy as cement bricks. They are also naturally insulating. 

You can paint these plastic bricks and use them to create a wall of painted bottles. You can also utilize these bricks with cement to create benches, seating, tables, and a fire pit in your yard.   

Décor Ideas for Backyard Lighting

Any list of eco-friendly décor ideas is incomplete without solar lighting. Installing Solar lights is the easiest way to incorporate eco-friendly décor in your backyard or front yard. The variety of solar lights available in the market can match all kinds of garden themes and aesthetics. 

Alternatively, you can utilize eco-friendly objects such as cane baskets and wooden frames to create eco-friendly backyard lighting. You will only need to drill a hole and fit the LED bulb in your choice of light shade to make it work!

If you live in a cold region where sun doesn’t shine much, you can create multipurpose eco-friendly lighting by using fluorescent bulbs over the plant pots in your backyard. Your plants can receive plenty of good light to grow while your backyard stays well-lit for you and your guests to enjoy. 


Decorating your backyard is a way to make it look pretty and usable. Besides starting a kitchen garden and having access to fresh produce, you are also more likely to spend time in your backyard when it is well lit, well decorated, and has space to sit.

Moreover, a well-lit and well-decorated backyard can act as a perfect spot for holding family get-togethers and dinner parties with friends, or even enjoy one’s company. Lighting a fire in the backyard and listening to music in its warmth can turn your backyard into your personal eco-friendly haven!