Looking For A Job As Personal Support Worker? Useful Tips & Advice

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You have just completed your personal support worker training and you are after a job now. This is when the venture becomes challenging. Getting into this industry is tricky, but a few tips and tricks can put you where you belong. Here is how to hunt for the perfect job.

Get references

They are not really needed. But then, even if your resume and cover letter are perfect, employers tend to be a bit fickle. They want to make sure you are the right person. You might have smashed that interview, but they want to go up to 100%. Get a bunch of references and make sure you get them from people who pertain to your new career. Forget about friends or your landlord. Stick to a volunteer coordinator, for instance. How about a clinical teacher?

Get a portfolio

Most people will dress up and walk-in for an interview without holding anything – not even the resume. Why would you? The employer already has it on the desk. However, if you truly want to make an impression and be remembered, walk in with a portfolio.

Even if this is the first time you apply to be a personal support worker, your portfolio is still important – it does not have to be about previous experience because you do not have any. Instead, get the cover letter, another copy of your resume, immunization records, all kinds of certificates, police checks, letters of recommendation, diplomas and so on.

You need copies of everything, so you can leave the file with your employer. You will definitely be remembered and you will show a high level of professionalism.

Volunteer first

Most jobs require some experience – how are you going to get it if you have just finished your training? Sure, you need to start somewhere and you can still find jobs with no experience required. But on the same note, you can get some experience while you actually search for jobs – how about volunteering?

When you think about it, you basically work without pay. An employer will love it. Volunteer work looks amazing on your resume, especially if you volunteer in the same environment. You gain experience and you are willing to go the extra mile. Since you will be working without pay, it’s essential to make sure that you are knowledgeable in managing your finances.

Volunteering is also an easy way to get a job. You get connections and can show how reliable you are. There is a decent chance to get hired by the same facility. After all, you know other workers and the residents, but you have also proven your skills.

Spread the word

This idea is often overlooked, but it works wonders. You need to spread the word. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job. Tell your family and your friends. Talk to your neighbors – obviously, you do not have to ask if they know anyone who hires. Just casually tell them that you are in the process of finding a job when asked how you are.

Talk about it when you get a haircut or when you chat to someone. There are people listening all the time. Plus, people will inevitably think about you when they hear about such jobs.

Be an early bird

It does not mean that you need to wait until jobs come out. When they do, it pays off applying in person – if allowed, of course. Just walk into such a facility and hand them your resume – simple as that. Even if a facility is not actually hiring, you have nothing to lose for trying.

Walk-in there and hand the resume over. Ask about potential jobs, any upcoming openings and so on. You get connections and you show the will to work. You never know – a manager might be around and overhear the conversation. There are also online resources like the Personal Support Worker HQ that can help you find a job in the industry or at the very least, be prepared for the interview.

As a short final conclusion, getting a job as a personal support worker is not easy. There is some good competition in this field – nothing wrong with that. The good news is you can make the difference with a few simple details that show how serious you are.

On the same note, you will work harder if you truly want this job. You will push your limits and seek a job even if you cannot find an opening for it – dig it yourself and the reward will surprise you.