Why You Should Always Trust Your Gut Instincts

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The saying goes, “Go with your gut.” Usually it means to do what you feel is the right thing for you at the moment. It’s your first understanding of a situation, place, person, etc. For many it’s a way to stay safe and for some it’s their money maker. Some people call it their inner voice or refer to it as intuition or instincts. Whatever name you’ve given it, it’s something that we all have access to, and ignoring it may not always be in your best interest. There are plenty of reasons to always trust your gut. It just might save you a whole lot of trouble. 

Avoiding Bad Decisions

Intuition often plays a large role in making bad decisions. Usually there’s a little voice in the back of our mind that tells us we’re making a bad choice before we actually make the decision. If you’ve made a poor decision and you need the help of sex assault trial attorneys, your gut should be telling you it’s in your best interest. Whether it’s not going to that party, getting in that car or choosing a certain menu item, trusting that small voice can save you from making the wrong move.

Avoiding Traumatic Experiences

Things happen. That’s living. Some things, however, are avoidable while others are bound to happen when things line up in a certain way. Although no one can control everything all of the time, some situations can be avoided by simply trusting your gut. When you get the feeling that you shouldn’t have one last drink or walk down that street, heeding the warning could spare you a traumatic experience. Jail time, physical assault, loss of money and plenty of other unpleasant circumstances may be avoidable if only we listen to the small voice in our gut.

It’s Your Own Unique Chemistry

Your intuition is your very own compass. It is a combination of your subconscious mind and your brain chemistry. Your subconscious mind has witnessed and processed tons of information. A lot of this information has been consolidated and filed away. Things that we paid little to no conscious attention to are used to help guide us in the form of instinct. Those butterflies you feel in your stomach are real, and they’re encoded in your brain’s chemistry. They don’t always fall in line with logic or reason, but intuition is part of full body decision making. 

If you think that you don’t have strong enough gut instincts, here are some suggestions on building a stronger relationship with your gut.

  • Slow down and breathe. Taking a moment to just be can provide you with enough space and clarity to tap into your intuition more easily.
  • Be observant of your thoughts and feelings, the way your body feels and responds in a situation. Are you afraid? Are your palms sweaty? Are you excited?
  • Tap into yourself and your needs, be mindful. Ask yourself what you need or how you feel. Focus on yourself and pay attention to the details and your responses to your check-in.