Guide On Finding Childcare In Australia

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Finding childcare like preschools in such a huge country like Australia is never easy. Research has shown that almost 35% of Australians live in areas where childcare centers come scarce. You may think that this is only an issue in minor or rural states, but there are areas like this in practically all states and cities in Australia. 


This poses a huge problem for those affected because access to quality childcare is crucial for families as well as the larger economy of Australia. As Australia’s population steadily increases over the next few decades or so, this problem will only get larger. 

How Accessible Is Childcare In Australia?

Access to childcare in Australia lands on two ends of the spectrum. In rural and regional areas, there is more likely to be a lack of access to such services or even none at all. Demand for childcare services is rarely met in such rural areas and families end up having to travel a lot further to access them.


Metropolitan areas have much greater possibilities for childcare services due to the higher number of providers willing to set up locations in these cities. However, do not be mistaken as you can still encounter childcare scarce areas even in larger cities. 


In such cities, there is a disparity between areas of higher socioeconomic status as compared to areas of lower socioeconomic status. More advantaged areas, or areas of higher socioeconomic status, will tend to see greater access to childcare services. On the other hand, disadvantaged areas will often see a lack of such services being provided to them. This is partially due to the fact that some childcare services also operate on a private business model, meaning that they are incentivized to operate in areas where they are able to charge higher fees.

Tips For Finding Suitable Childcare In Australia

Finding the right childcare for your child is such a crucial part of being a parent, and we are here to guide you through the process of finding one! 

Work Out The Best Type Of Care For Your Needs



Childcare comes in a range of different types of forms and services — from public to private childcare centers, day-care centers, nanny services, and even family childcare centers. When it comes to picking the right type of service, nobody said it was going to be easy. 

Choosing the type of service you and your child requires will take days or even weeks, but there are ways to help speed this process up whilst ensuring you make a conscious and thoroughly thought-out choice.


Each type of service comes with its own merits and disadvantages. Depending on what you and your child require, different services will be preferable for different types of families. Making a list of these pros of cons and cross-checking them with your preferences will help narrow down your choices and make things a lot easier.


Once that is done, you can narrow your choices down even further by asking around for recommendations and feedback on different childcare services. You could even search common terms like “how do I find a preschool near me?” Taking a look at your options and going down physically to check them out is also highly recommended to get a feel of the environment. Pictures and reviews can only tell you so much about a place.


Even as time passes, your needs may change due to newer responsibilities and commitments. Keeping your options open and planning ahead will definitely come in handy in situations like this.

Trust Your Instincts

Trusting your gut is more often than not the right thing to do when it comes to making a decision for your family. Whilst reviews and recommendations are certainly reliable and can help you make an informed decision, what may be right for others may not be necessarily right for you and your child. Even the most acclaimed daycare center or highly rated nanny may end up being the wrong choice if your gut tells you so.


This is why it is important to physically check out the choices you have. Only then can your instincts tell you what is right or wrong about the different choices you had in mind. While you are there, you can even check out the area’s cleanliness, safety, and quality of service.


Trusting your instincts allows you to be comfortable with the decision you made, and more often than not, a comfortable choice is certainly the best choice you can make. There is no point in choosing a highly acclaimed childcare service, only to be constantly having doubts about the place, and eventually switching services after some time.

Trust Your Children’s Instincts

Of course, at the end of the day, your child’s opinions are the most important when it comes to childcare. Listening to your child’s instincts is just as important as listening to your own when it comes to choosing a childcare service. Your children are the best judge of character, seeing as to how they spend the most time with the caregiver or caregivers.

Don’t Make Your Decision Alone On Cost

Whilst cost may be a factor that can tell you about the quality of a child care service, decisions shouldn’t be made on it alone. The most expensive childcare service whilst seemingly good, may not be the best for you or your child.


There are government schemes set in place as well to help you with the costs of child care. All 

sorts of rebates and benefits are available for you to take advantage of to get the best child care available.


Community child care centers and family daycare centers are some of the cheaper options available as well. However, these may not be suitable for your family as well. If you have some special requirements or prefer higher-quality programs, more expensive options may be better suited for you and your child.


Child care is a decision that can take up to weeks or even months to make. Despite being a seemingly hard decision to make, at the end of the day, it is definitely worth the extra steps you take. Quality and comfort ensure the best for your child and their upbringing.