5 Common Mistakes When Preparing for Arizona Divorce

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Being after a low-cost divorce in Arizona or hurrying to quit your failed marriage, you can easily miss significant things or make serious mistakes terminating your marriage. It can cost you extra funds spent, months wasted, or unsatisfactory divorce outcomes impacting your life afterward. So you’d better study the common divorce mistakes to avoid them and get a peaceful and beneficial divorce in Arizona in the outcomes. 

  1. Postponing Your Divorce

One of the divorce mistakes to avoid is delaying your marriage termination. It is not easy to decide to change your life drastically and quit your unhappy marriage. But if you witness that things are not working properly and you have neither the possibility nor desire to fix your relationships, it is better to put them to the end before it gets even more complicated.

The truth is that your debts and assets are not getting smaller, the complicating conditions are not getting solved, so the longer you wait, the more the divorce process is expected to be far from easy. Plus, in Arizona, you have to wait at least 60 days after filing before you can terminate your marriage. This means that as soon as you gather the courage and get prepared well, you should file for divorce, not waiting for vague ‘better moments’ to do so.

  1. Hiding Your Assets

The worst mistake to make is to hide your assets. As long as Arizona has community property law, meaning that your assets are to be divided 50/50, you may be tempted to guarantee a fairer distribution by hiding some assets. This way, you could keep the property that you think should be only yours to yourself. 

In the AZ divorce process, both spouses undergo financial disclosure procedures involving both partners coming clear about the marital and personal belongings they have. If it is revealed that you tried to conceal any assets-related data, you may be seriously penalized and get rid of any benefits in the divorce process. So, in the outcomes, you can lose even more than you intended to hide beforehand.

  1. Being Too Self-Confident

Being too self-confident about managing divorce on your own is among common divorce mistakes. Having a great desire to get as cheap divorce as possible, many people blindly use the free or cheap divorce platforms and decide to do all the marriage termination processes on their own without any professional assistance. This may result in:

  • blind filling out the gaps of the ready-made divorce forms without understanding the outcomes;
  • missing the discussion and decisions on the critical issues that may greatly impact your life in the future;
  • making mistakes in creating and filing the documents, which will prolong the process in the outcomes;
  • improper evaluation of your assets and debts and undergoing financial hurdles as a result.

These and other issues may arise if you decide to get divorced on your own and fail to prepare adequately. Even if you are after an uncontested divorce and predict that you can manage all the procedures by yourself, it is still highly recommended to get at least a general professional consultation on your case to reach the best comfortable and beneficial results in the end. 

  1. Failing to Update the Docs

Preparing and updating the documents before the divorce process is the top time and effort-consuming work, and making mistakes here is highly probable. Check out the list of documents you should introduce changes to when getting ready for marriage termination:

  • will
  • testament
  • life insurance
  • pension plan
  • real estate agreements
  • financial docs (e.g., joint accounts)
  • and so on.

Any document that gives your soon-to-be-former spouse any access and impact on your life should be modified. So that in the outcomes, your ex has no power to influence any life-turning choices for you and your family. 

  1. Neglecting Your Parental Plan

Neglecting your children and all the processes and decisions involving them is another point on what not to do in a divorce. You may be deeply occupied with sharing assets and protecting your rights in the marital home but forget about what is really important, the wellness of your kids. 

You should pay twice more attention to them during the divorce process as well as put a decent effort into creating a parental plan beneficial primarily for your kids. It is better to cooperate with the relevant specialists to help you with a comfortable and efficient custodial agreement. Plus, it is vital to precalculate child support and guarantee it will be paid no matter the surrounding circumstances. As a result, your children will live in comfort and the best nurturing surroundings.