Easy Ways To Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Living Room

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Feng shui is also known as Chinese geomancy and it has been around since at least 4000 B.C., there are many examples of its practice in ancient China. The principle of feng shui revolves around Qi, this is the energy force that moves through landscapes and bodies of water. When you go with the flow of Qi great things are possible, going against the flow will produce bad results. 

These ancient principles are still practised today and it is popular to incorporate feng shui into any living space. After all, balance in life is important and this ancient practice can help create balance. 

The good news is that it is easier to incorporate into your living room than you may think. 

The Couch

Couches are best if they have soft edges as the openness encourages multiple seats, enabling you to entertain comfortably. L-shaped sofas are considered bad as they replicate the form of a poison arrow. 

It’s worth noting that wherever possible a couch should be positioned against a wall. This creates a feeling of stability and security. 

A sofa should never be positioned in front of a window as it affects the flow of chi and blocks the view.

Adding A Rug

Rugs are a great addition to your living room. They can be almost any shape and size, the softness of the rug softens the room and the pattern can actually influence your life. For example, a zig-zag pattern encourages wealth and energy.  

One of these delightful peach rugs will promote a calm space and is the perfect way to balance bold walls. Of course, you can also go for a blue rug that will look like water and reflect the image of Qi. However, you need the right décor to complement this, neutral colours are usually a safer choice. 

Boost the Light Levels

Natural light is important in the world of feng shui. You’ll want to maximize the light through the window by reducing coverings. This will make the room feel larger and brighter. 

Complement this with some well-placed mirrors. You will want the mirrors to bounce light around the room. But, the mirrors also need to be placed in the east, southeast, or north areas of your living room. This will help to boost natural energy in your living room.  

You can also use artificial light to boost the light level in your living room. Ideally, opt for overhead lighting and task lighting, ensuring you have enough light to see the job at hand or create a relaxed atmosphere. 

Add A clock

In feng shui, the time is not important. But, a clock that produces a soft ticking sound will help to boost Qi levels in your living room and create positive energy. 

The clock will need to be positioned by the door or facing a window at eye or chest level, this will ensure it assists the flow of Qi.

Add Some Metal

Introducing a few metallic pieces will help you to be more organized and better at planning things. It’s easy to add metal to the living room, have a stylish bowl on the table, a metal base for a lamp, or even metal candlesticks. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that this is your living space and you need to do what you are comfortable with. All the power of Qi is useless if you are not comfortable in the living room. Consider that when making décor decisions.