How to Plan for Your Children’s Future: A Guide For Parents

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As soon as our children are born, we begin planning. We want to give them the best possible start in life and lay the foundations for a bright and happy future. Worrying about our children is ingrained in us. When we start to think about how we may plan ahead for them its east to feel overwhelmed. There are so many things to think of and it can be difficult to know where to start. It’s not possible to plan for their entire but while they are still in our care, we can do our best to show them as much as possible. Then when they are ready to go it alone, they will already know the best path to take.  

Making a varied plan is the key to success and will help guide your children in the future. Don’t underestimate the positive impact you can have on your children’s entire life. As parents, we can lead them in so many ways that will allow them to grow and make the most of their lives ahead. By setting up these steps we show our children the importance of planning. We show them that our care goes beyond their childhood and is there for them forever.


In an ideal world, we would start planning before our children are born. Ensuring we have our finances in order and a comprehensive budget that suits our growing family. But the world is less than ideal and that is ok. It’s never too late to implement a plan and our children will be thankful for it no matter what. Getting your own finances in order can be daunting but you must do this to establish your limits. Children cost money and there is no way around it, but with some preparation, you can make it as stress-free as possible. Once you have become a parent you will understand the importance of taking care of your children even after you are gone. Ensure your estate is in order and make writing your last will and testament a priority. A will is an important document every responsible adult should have. It will confirm how your estate should be divided but more importantly, it is a record of who will be the chosen guardians to look after your children or your dependents should you pass away. To ensure your will is appropriate for your family’s needs research wills online to give you an idea on what to include. For more comprehensive advice a company such as E.L.M Legal Services offer many helpful options such as this web-cam wills service, will writing experts will talk through your personal circumstances and provide you with all the help you need to ensure you have included everything you need for your family.


A great education begins at home. Engage your children in learning every day. Teach them to read, write and take care of themselves. Make learning a fun and normal part of their daily lives. A thirst for learning will help them make the most of their educational opportunities at school and college. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can help to guide and support their journey. The aim is to build their confidence and encourage them in any way you can so they can make informed decisions on what they want to do in the world. When planning your finances remember to consider potential the costs of education. University fees, accommodation and equipment are all easier to pay for if budgeted for early. Don’t forget to include any extra-curricular activities they may be interested in. You may have a budding footballer on your hands or a future concert pianist. You may need to buy specialist equipment, uniforms and pay per class.


As soon as your baby is born if not before open a savings account in their name. You don’t have to invest a lot of money right away but having it there will help you to start a savings pot that will benefit them greatly in the future. Set up a standing order to pay a little something into it each month if you can and if anyone gifts them money that can go in there too. It is surprising how quickly it can build up. When your children are older you can then use this as a tool to teach them about saving. Always approach it in a fun way so they can engage with it effectively. Why not show them how to save a portion of their pocket money per month. Track it with them and show them how it builds up. Have a look at some kids budgeting tools or apps that can make the process fun and engaging. This independence will help them make the right financial decisions later and help them to feel comfortable with money. Teaching them the importance of saving now can help them to manage money well as adults and avoid getting into debt in the future. Savings are not just about the money. It will show your children good habits, improve security, and aid a stress-free life.

Teach Real-Life Skills 

Unfortunately, the school curriculum doesn’t include so many essential life skills we need as adults. So, if there is one thing you can do for your children that is to teach them real-life skills. Teach them about the reasons we work. Show them how to find and get a job, why we must work to earn money but encourage them to aim for their dreams and not settle for a working life they are unhappy with. Children should be made aware of their rights and how to stand up for their values early on. We want to raise strong independent people who are self-aware and know how to protect themselves. As adults, they will know the difference between disappointment and failure this is an important life lesson for your children, show them they can learn from their mistakes, by teaching them this you will ensure they are not afraid of failure, and they will pick themselves up and try again. Planning for your children’s future shouldn’t be limited to money. Including holistic lessons on self-care and compassion will equip your children with so much more. If we do this early on our children will grow up with confidence. This will ready them for the adult world. If you’re worried about sending messages ahead of time, you can use the fyoutureapp to send messages to the FUTURE and into SPACE to ensure your children will get your lessons!  

In summary 

There is a wonderful African proverb: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. They see raising a child as a shared responsibility. Each person offers a little bit of their own wisdom and knowledge which is hugely beneficial for the child and their future. Unfortunately for 21st-century families this just isn’t the case, and the responsibility is on the parents alone. That’s why having a plan for your children is so important, taking the steps above will help to divide and conquer the mammoth task of raising children and preparing for their futures. It will help you to feel confident and your children will benefit from the thought and investment you have put into their present and future lives.  Of course, we don’t know what the future holds and even with the best intentions, some things don’t go to plan. But don’t look at the plan as static, look at it as an ever-evolving outline that changes and adapts to the needs of your family.