Savings Hacks That Will Transform Your Lifestyle

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Wouldn’t it be nice to save more money out of each paycheck? It’s a common dream and one that is often forgotten as soon as the next pay cycle begins. However, there are several hacks that can help anyone enhance their lifestyle by putting money aside for a rainy day. There are no secrets, tricks, or quick fixes. In fact, the only trick to saving more money is to be persistent and avoid procrastinating. Now is the time to begin working on your ability to retain more of what you earn. Taking simple steps can begin a long process that ends with a thorough transformation of your spending habits.

Besides joining a wholesale club to slash grocery bills, know how to find college scholarship money to pay for part or all of a degree, find high-interest accounts for your saved money, consider leveraging the power of gold to protect and diversify your emergency money, and sign up for a payroll savings plan at work or through your bank. Did you know that you stand to save as much as $1,000 annually just by changing the place where you shop for food? Here’s more information about that and other savings hacks that could potentially change your whole way of living.

Join a Wholesale Club

This is a common strategy for saving money on groceries for a reason because it is worth it. Most wholesale shopping clubs charge an annual fee of about $75, but you’ll likely save at least 12 times that amount if you buy all your groceries and household items there. Consider going at off-peak times to avoid crowds and using a detailed shopping list to save time. Be ready to buy larger quantities of some items, like butter and bath tissue, in order to save on purchases. On average, working adults can slice about $1,000 annually off their grocery bills just by buying at wholesale prices.

Get Scholarship Money for College

Want to save on college tuition and fees? There’s an effective way of finding scholarship cash quickly. Use an online platform that lets you search for opportunities and apply for scholarships at the same time. The service is free and is an excellent way to cut through all the red tape and focus on the money you can realistically win via application. The platform matches you to relevant monetary awards based on the profile information you provide. With the click of a mouse, you’ll see which scholarships you are eligible for. Then you’ll be able to apply for the ones that interest you. It’s as simple as that when it comes to saving on college costs.

Sign Up for a Payroll Savings Plan

If your job doesn’t offer payroll savings plans, speak with your bank about setting aside a fixed percentage of each direct deposit paycheck into a savings account. Don’t worry about the percentage. Even two is a good starting point. The goal is to automate putting cash aside before you see it in your checking account. Consider putting five or ten percent of your saving (not your paycheck) into gold bullion as a hedge against inflation.