The Top 5 Benefits of Using a Game Ready Ice Machine

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Ice machines speed up healing for athletes and others who have joint swelling and pain. This new form of cryotherapy works with the idea of applying ice at  consistent temperature to treat a joint, tendon, or muscle injury.

The use of ice equipment for treating swelling and pain is preferred over using an ice pack, as again, the therapy is continuous. For example, the ice will not melt, so the temperature remains the same during the treatment process.

While cold applications decrease blood flow, and work the best within 48 hours after exercise, heat treatments promote the flow of blood so the muscles can relax. Using heat is advised when addressing issues with chronic pain. 

Why Cryotherapy is Recommended for Treating Athletic Injuries

The well-known acronym, REST, is a standard protocol for treating sports-related injuries. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  Cold therapy may involve the administration of a cold compress, or the use of a Game Ready Ice Machine from Source Fitness,  applied every 4hours for 20 to 30 minutes. 

How a Game Ready Cold Therapy Machine Delivers Results – The 5 Main Benefits

When you use a cold therapy device, like the Game Ready brand, you will experience 5 primary benefits.

1. More Controllability Equals Faster Healing

Unlike applying an ice pack, which melts and whose temperature is not consistent, a cold therapy machine allows you to keep the temperature steady to promote faster healing and recovery.

2. The Cold Compression Feature Allows for Better Blood Flow

Because a cold therapy machine offers compression and cold for healing, you can apply just the right amount of force for vasodilation and constriction. By using the machine, oxygen and nutrients are delivered through the blood more efficiently. 

3. Using a Cold Therapy Machine Reduces the Use of Pain Medications

No one likes to feel like they are out of it when they are trying to relieve the swelling and discomfort of an injury. The use of cold therapy equipment allows you to numb and soothe the nerves around the pain site so you don’t have to depend on pain medications.

4. Get More Out of Your PT Treatments

If you are undergoing physical therapy, using a cold therapy machine can improve your physical therapy (PT) experience. By using the equipment, you or your healthcare provider can manage cold and compression treatments using a dual-action system. 

You can control temperature, pressure, and the length of the therapy session with the technology. The machines are user-friendly and adjustments only require turning a dial or touching a button. 

5. Receive Cold Treatment While You’re on the Go

Using a cold therapy machine for healing and recovery is convenient, as you can transport the portable device wherever you go during a busy workday. Therefore, you can use the equipment after working out when traveling.

A Winning Solution for a Faster Recovery

You have it in your power to improve your health and well-being. Using a cold therapy machine enables you to heal more successfully. Therefore, using the machine is a winning solution to any athletic discomfort and injury.