3 Top Games for Children with Speech & Language Delay

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Are your child’s speech and language delays starting to stress you out? Are questions like – what happens if they never speak? How will they cope with peer pressure? How will others understand them like I do – constantly on your mind like a broken record on repeat? Not to worry! There are many ways to conquer speech and language delays. One of the most important is taking your child to a good speech therapist. But how can you make your home environment productive for your child? Engaging your child in play-based speech therapy activities at home can significantly support their speech and language development. These games are designed specifically to help children with speech and language delays, providing enjoyable ways to enhance their communication skills in a nurturing environment.Read on to learn about 3 top toys for toddlers with speech delays.

Learning Resources Ready for Toddler Time

This fun kit includes colorful barn animals, a variety of shapes, alphabet picture cards, and counting cards that will stimulate your child’s imagination, make the wheels in their brain turn and help them learn different concepts that will aid them in school later on! The cards teach vocabulary that toddlers will use in their daily lives and thus become fluent in everyday language. Plus, sorting helps the growth of your toddler’s executive function, which is essential as they’ll need to categorize words in their heads as they learn to speak. There’s also a parent guide that provides detailed information on each activity, and there are many opportunities for your child to work on fine and gross motor skills, thanks to the various toys present in the box. 

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

This is a book that speech-language pathologists love. It includes:

  • 100+ age-appropriate words
  • Bilingual play
  • 12 learning categories
  • Two learning songs 

This brightly colored book helps to enrich toddlers’ vocabulary, helps them express themselves vividly, and allows them to comprehend what they hear and read easily. It also teaches words in familiar categories like pets, animals, food, mealtimes, colors, activities, opposites, outside, vehicles, clothes, my body, and fruit. It includes fun facts and Spanish mode to add layers of learning beyond a typical first-word book. The toddlers can even tap the pictures to hear funny sounds or press the start button to hear two learning songs, making the experience enjoyable and exciting. Moreover, with a toddler’s short attention span, parents can focus on one category each day or even divide the book into sections and discuss and allow their toddler to repeat each word. Exposure to these common words reinforces language learning and acquisition. 

Building Blocks

As we all know, blocks are fun for all ages but did you know that they are most beneficial when working with speech-delayed toddlers? Brightly colored blocks present many opportunities for learning directional and prepositional words (there/here, over/under, etc.) so your toddler can apply them to their situation, as per their needs and wants. These simple building blocks also teach children about cause-and-effect relationships and problem-solving skills and allow parents to have fruitful conversations with their kids: “Watch what Mama is doing! I’m putting the yellow block on the green block. Can you do that?” This type of discussion gives the toddler opportunities for receptive and expressive language-skill building and auditory processing practice.

The Takeaway

These games have been proven to be successful in helping children with speech and language delays, and each of them has more than 4-star ratings on Amazon. As you may know, we recommend only the best for you, and these toys are currently top of the line products that we hope will benefit you and your family and make for a great home environment where your child can learn more about the world and eventually become able to communicate better with those around them.