Things You Need to Know About Buying Coffee Beans Online

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We all know that a good cup of coffee starts and ends with coffee beans. There are different coffee beans, each one delivering a unique taste. The endless selection of roasted coffee beans, country-specific coffee beans, organic coffee beans, and more can make the decision process a bit confusing. Many people try multiple brews before deciding what taste they like best. 

So, when buying coffee beans online, you have to check out their list of products and evaluate and browse the website to know you are dealing with a certified coffee maker.

Here’s a little tip to help you get started: A coffee’s taste is determined by the environment it grows in. For example, coffee from South America has a bland taste because its region is low on the acidity scale. Coffee from the Caribbean has a neutral flavour. For a more traditional taste, coffee from Central America is one of the best. Coffee from East Arabia and Africa offers winey, fruity berries, bright and light taste characteristics.

Now that you have a basic understanding of coffee, let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts when buying coffee online:

Do Focus on the Packaging

The online store should clearly state how the coffee beans are packaged. Premium coffee is vacuum-sealed in a container or packet with a one-way valve. Coffee beans that are roasted release gases in small amounts for up to a week. The one-way valve allows these gases to get out. However, make sure that the valve is closed at all times; otherwise, the fresh air will make the beans absorb outside odour and go stale.

Do Order the Coffee Based On How You Like It

Coffee is prepared in several ways. Each coffee has a different flavour from flat to latte, Americano, white, and espresso. For example, a latte is always paired with steamed and sweet milk, an espresso shot has a punchy flavour that gives you a burst of energy, and filter coffee has a more subtle flavour that most people prefer to have in the morning.

Do Check the Coffee’s Roast Date

Freshly roasted coffee beans give you quality coffee. Hence, it is important to check the manufacturing date written on the package. Since the shelf-life of coffee beans is long, most people ignore the roast date. As we said earlier, there are different types of coffee beans. Some of them taste better when they get older. Ultimately, your preferred taste of coffee will help you make a better choice between roasts.

Don’t Take Blended Coffee for Single-Origin Coffee

As the name says, single-origin coffee contains beans that belong to a single location. They don’t have any other kind of beans mixed in them. A cup of single-origin will give you an unadulterated experience, which is quite enjoyable. 

In contrast, blended coffee contains multiple beans from different locations. This coffee also comes in unique flavours for those who like a little zing in their morning cup of Joe.

Don’t Buy Coffee That Says Its 100% Pure

Raw coffee beans undergo a lengthy processing stage before being made available in stores. Though the steps of the process are the same, there’s never a guarantee that the beans will turn out 100% pure. If you do see this label on the packaging, avoid buying it.

Don’t Freeze Your Coffee Beans

There are multiple views on freezing coffee beans. Some coffee aficionados think it is acceptable, and some don’t. Let’s put the debate to rest once and for all. To retain the fresh flavour of your beans, keep them away from moisture, air, heat, and light; this is why freezing them is not a good idea. No matter how air-tight a container is, it still lets in a small amount of oxygen, which causes freezer burn. As a result, the coffee beans might get damp and absorb the smell of other foods.

The level of caffeine in a coffee decides how it will affect our energy level. Beans that are roasted mildly have caffeine in high concentration, semi-roasted have caffeine in medium concentration, and those strongly roasted have caffeine in low concentration. So, make sure to check for caffeine concentration on the package when buying coffee beans online because mildly roasted beans might give you energy but also make you feel jittery all day long. 

In conclusion, you have to be extra careful when placing an order of coffee beans online for the first time. Since you won’t be able to taste-test the coffee, you will be stuck with it if you don’t like it.