How to Escape Clutter and Feel Energized

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Do you notice that clutter, piles, and random stuff keeps building up? Our homes, closets, and storage units are filled to the brim. Our minds can be in a similar state of clutter, disarray, and disorganization. Whether you’re organizing your family home, helping mom or dad move to a senior living facility, or getting a jump on spring cleaning—decluttering helps you escape to freedom.


Moving forward this year, you can find a great deal of freedom by decluttering, organizing, and fighting the urge to hold on to old items. What’s the best way to get a grip on the piles, stacks, and mountains of stuff? Follow these easy tips and get started. 


Explore the Benefits of Decluttering


What are the benefits of decluttering and getting organized? It turns out that there are loads of reasons why you’ll want to clear the space. Let’s focus on how decluttering helps your mind, body, and creativity.


It’s good for your mind. The mental health benefits of decluttering include feeling calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. When you have a tidy space, health experts say it’s easier to feel less stressed. Likewise, when you feel less stressed, you have more focus and energy to declutter, feeding back into the benefits.


It’s good for your body. When you have a clear cupboard, you’re more likely to fill it with nutritious, healthy, and fresh foods. When you can find your way from room to room, it’s easier to prevent slips and falls. When you have a tidy space, you can start thinking about adding in meaningful activities to stay agile, balanced, healthy, and strong.


It’s good for your creativity. When you have a clear desk, it’s easier to grab a piece of paper and make a painting. When you don’t have to sort through a mountain of junk first, you can dive into a creative project instead. It’s easier to start creating new artwork, designing a fresh palette of color, or making installations to add beauty to your home. 


You might experiment with this to see if it’s true for you. Do you cook and bake more easily when the kitchen counter is clear? Do you pick up paint or colored pencils when you have a dedicated art space? Try making an inventory of the benefits you’d experience by clearing your closets, cupboards, shelves, attics, and garage. Simply by looking at the benefits, you’ll get inspired to take action.


Expand What Matters Most


As you’re looking at the benefits of getting organized, expand your investigation. Take a closer look at what matters most to you in your home, workspace, or play zone. Here are a few of the improvements you may want to include to discover your core values. 


Space to Play

One of the big joys of life is playing. We know this intuitively as children, but as we age, we can forget the joys of playing. What gives you a sense of joy, play, and fun? Is it baking, cooking, or designing edible treats for your family? Is it sewing, knitting, or embroidering to make items of wearable beauty? Is it painting, drawing, or making collages for your friends and loved ones? 


Entertainment Technology

Our homes are places for living, entertaining, and learning. If you’re living alone, you may have rooms or spaces in your home set up for entertaining guests. Even if you are retired in a senior facility, senior living technology can offer ample opportunity for entertaining, learning, and exploration.

For instance, technology can provide seniors with puzzles, videos, webinars, online courses, and contact with virtual communities. If you’ve been concerned about providing entertainment and engagement, senior living technology offers many options to fill the gap.


Experience The Joy of Support


As you consider decluttering and organizing your home, room, or senior apartment, remind yourself that you don’t have to “go at it alone.” Try these tips to experience the delight of getting organized—with a supportive friend or family member.


Remember to ask your family if they would love to help you create a welcoming, homey environment. Ask your children, grandchildren, spouse, or other loved ones to help you out. Pick a single area and get help tackling a closet or clearing out a forgotten area. If you’re unable or reluctant to ask your family, consider hiring a professional organizer. This person is trained to help you sort your things and create a fresh, creative environment. 


Sum Up


By exploring the benefits, defining your values, and getting support, you can enjoy a tidy living zone that offers comfort, creativity, and joy. Isn’t today a good time to start?