Selecting And Using Dietary Supplements For Improved Health And Wellness

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Using dietary supplements like vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and herbs to enhance mind and body function, ease symptoms, and even treat common medical conditions has increased. Now more than ever, people are interested in alternative approaches to boosting their immune systems, treating existing conditions, and improving their overall well-being. Although the shift is positive, there are growing concerns about the potential dangers of improper purchases and misuse. 


As dietary supplements aren’t regulated by the federal government and can be purchased without prescriptions, many consumers invest without knowing what they’re getting. Consequently, consumers waste money on ineffective solutions or suffer from adverse side effects from poor quality products or misuse. If you don’t want to end up in the same boat, it’s best to learn everything you can about selecting and using dietary supplements. Continue reading to learn more. 


Know What You Need


Don’t just buy dietary supplements because it’s a trend or something you assume you need – get the facts. Believe it or not, even too much of a good thing can be bad for you. For instance, too much vitamin K can cause clotting issues. Similarly, too much iron can cause diabetes, liver and heart problems. 


Review your medical history or request a health evaluation from your doctor to have a clear understanding of what vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other supplements are necessary. 


Consult Your Doctor Before Purchase


Staying in line with the above recommendation, patients should consult their doctors before adding a new supplement to their diet says this expert dentist in Newport News. Your doctor will know how the supplement will affect your health or interact with other medications and supplements you’re taking. They can also recommend the best products to purchase for optimal results. 


Vet The Source


Not all dietary supplements are made with your health in mind. Some are essentially “sugar pills” with no real active ingredients manufactured by companies looking to earn a quick buck. Others are made with poor-quality ingredients or are derived from an unsafe source. That’s why consumers must vet the seller before making a purchase. 


Research the company or seller to see how long they’ve been in the dietary supplement industry. Find out how other consumers feel about the products by reading online reviews. If you see Herbalife Nutrition products and their wide range of reviews, you know that it’s a dependable company. Finally, review the list of ingredients to ensure that it’s an all-natural solution. Read on product reviews online first like this MCT Wellness supplement review to make sure that you are getting the right product for yourself.


Use As Advised


Whether you’re buying a multivitamin or looking for minerals like shilajit resin, the product comes with instructions for use. The product label will include ages, dosage, frequency, and other pointers like eating with food and who shouldn’t take the supplement (i.e., children, pregnant women, etc.). Don’t ignore these directions as improper or overuse could lead to adverse health problems. 


Keep A Diary


When taking dietary supplements, keeping a diary is ideal. It enables you to track what you’re taking and how it’s affecting your health and wellness. Whether you opt for pen and paper or an online app, your diary should include the names of the supplements you’re taking, how much you take, how often you take them, and any changes in your physical or emotional well-being. If you’re seeing progress, you can assume the supplements are working. On the contrary, adverse side effects would mean you should discontinue your usage. 


Give It Time


What do you do if you do not see any change? While it could mean this supplement isn’t effective, it could also mean you need to give it more time. Several factors impact how long it can take to see results. Such factors include your level of deficiency, how much you’re taking, the supplement absorbancy rate, other supplements and medications you use, and your diet. Some people may notice a change in four to six weeks, while others could take months. 


Taking dietary supplements is one of the simplest ways to enhance your health and wellness. Quality vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and herbs, when taken as recommended, can help your mind and body function efficiently. Be that as it may, these unregulated health products aren’t created equally. That’s why consumers are encouraged to take steps like those listed above before use to ensure they’re investing in safe supplements that are beneficial to their well-being.