Tips on how to match men’s accessories like a pro

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Properly selected accessories help to create stylish images for a man. The main men’s accessories include: belts, glasses, gloves, socks, ties and big hats. Often bags and shoes are also referred to as accessories. Accessories are also a win-win gift idea for a man.

Without what accessories is it impossible to create an image of a respectable man?

  • Quality pen.
  • Professional portfolio.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Professional business cards with business card case.
  • Stitched quality shoes.

Do not think that accessories are not important for a business person, on the contrary, they can emphasize your serious attitude to details. For example, at a meeting with a client, you sign a contract, and you are wearing glasses that do not fit you, and the client may divert his attention, thinking how these glasses do not suit you, or how funny they look on you. This can spoil the impression. Glasses should not only protect from the sun, but also help you look your best.

Of course, men want to look attractive and be liked by women. Oddly enough, women pay attention to men’s jewelry. Jewelry can tell about the status and taste of a man, perhaps this is their secret.

  1. Bracelets. Bracelets do not have to be gold or silver. Pewter bracelets, leather bracelets can look stylish. Bracelets can be combined. Leather bracelets are suitable for people with allergies to metals.
  2. Necklaces. Now chains and pendants are relevant, they help to diversify the summer men’s looks. The necklace should be comfortable, men’s neck jewelry should not be pretentious. Beads made of medium-sized semi-precious stones are also relevant. A necklace or pendant can shift attention to the chest, this is especially true if you follow your shape.
  3. Cufflinks. Most often used with tuxedos. To wear cufflinks, you must have a reason and a shirt with French cuffs. Cufflinks are: double-breasted, with a bending or rotating stem, with chains. For casual looks, cufflinks made of fabric are suitable. The highest quality – solid metal cufflinks, they can last a long time.
  4. Tie clip. They do not damage the tie, unlike tie needles. Position the tie clip below the second button and above the fourth. The clip performs a useful function, it prevents the tie from getting into the plate of food.

One quality watch is better than a dozen cheap ones

Irrelevant: plastic watches of strange Chinese brands

Bright neon watches look completely childish, and look funny on an adult man. Women will not see you as a strong companion, and your colleagues will not take you seriously. Such bright models look good only in a sporty version, and in all other cases, stick to the classic colors.

Actual: quality watches

First of all, you need to decide what you are buying a watch for. For work, hiking or sports. Perhaps you like gadgets, do you want a smart watch? Whatever your goal, buy only the watches you can afford. No need to throw away money on fake copies in pursuit of a brand, choose a worthy manufacturer according to your pocket. Pay attention to the size of the dial – a modest watch on a large man’s wrist will not look organic. If you are determined to purchase modern large sizes, then pay attention to the cuffs of your shirts – you may need to update your wardrobe.

A stylish man is distinguished by minimalist cufflinks

Outdated: lavishly embellished cufflinks

Cufflinks are the decoration of the image, they are noticed by others. Therefore, we ask you to refuse options in the form of tigers, bunnies and other representatives of the animal world. And if the cufflinks are also encrusted with rhinestones, then in 90% of cases you will spoil your set and your impression of yourself. However, there are exceptions everywhere – if you have an unsurpassed sense of style, then you will fall into the 10% of those who will be able to organically fit such extravagant models into their image.

Actual: minimalism

Among similar jackets and shirts, it is cufflinks that will become a distinctive detail of your bow, so be careful with their choice. If you are choosing your first cufflinks, pair them with a watch and you won’t go wrong. Gold metal – to gold, and silver – to silver. Minimalistic models will give you a wide scope for choosing clothes and will be appropriate even in casual bows. For more formal receptions, you can consider options with stones or precious metals. It’s good if cufflinks and a tie clip complement each other.

The tie should be appropriate

Outdated: tie with informal shirts

Most men have in their wardrobe a lot of shirts for all occasions. Wearing ties with dress shirts is not forbidden, but casual style shirts in combination with a tie are taboo. Silk and denim, corduroy and western, with short sleeves and a stand-up collar – experiment and be different, but never tie a tie on top.

An exception to this rule is the combination of a denim shirt with a knitted tie. This casual look will keep you on trend.

Relevant: consider anatomy and color

There are rules for wearing this accessory: in order not to look tasteless, you need to learn them. First, it is the length of the tie. The bottom of the tie should slightly cover the belt buckle. Secondly, keep an eye on the width of the tie. The tie knot should be proportional to the width of the face. You can focus on the chin – the width of the chin should be equal to the width of the tie knot. Thirdly, consider color schemes. In a suit-shirt-tie set, the latter should be at least a tone darker than the shirt. The dress code allows only one of these items to be printed, and the rest must be solid.