5 Mobile Apps To Effectively Manage Your Crypto Investments

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There is nothing like managing your crypto portfolio right from your smartphone. It gives you the freedom to make immediate decisions and change your crypto portfolio.

You can sell or add new cryptocurrencies to your portfolio instantly without needing to use a desktop. Also, when it comes to mobile apps to effectively manage your crypto investments, there are lots of options available out there.

Hence, to make it easy for you, I am going to talk about some of the best apps that help you with crypto portfolio tracking, tax management, wallet, exchange, and more.

So let’s get into the topic right away:


5 Mobile Apps To Effectively Manage Your Crypto Investments

1. CoinStats

First, there is Coin Stats which is one of the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker apps available out there. The app allows you to stay informed on the latest live crypto prices in real-time. Also, you will get to see essential market data quickly and effectively.

Plus with Coin Stats, you can easily track and sync your entire cryptocurrency portfolio in a single app. The app offers you an easy way to manage and grow your crypto portfolio.

Using the app, you can also measure your performance, read crypto news anticipate Bitcoin and other crypto value changes, know instant crypto prices, use advanced crypto alerts, and more.

It has the ability to track Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 5,000 altcoins prices from 250+ exchanges. Plus, you will get to see crypto prices and changes in real-time.

Moreover, it also offers you a DeFi wallet. So you will be able to manage all your DeFi and crypto in a single place. Also, with one crypto wallet, you can easily buy, sell, swap, track, and earn on your crypto.

You can also use Coin Stats to find the next great coin. It supports advanced filtering, sorting, and research, which make it easier to find your next crypto investment.

2. Blockpit Cryptotax

Managing your crypto tax is also extremely important and to help you with that, you can use Blockpit Cryptotax.

It helps you with portfolio tracking and tax calculation for cryptocurrencies under a single dashboard. In addition, it automatically syncs your transactions through API access and keeps track of trades across wallets and exchanges.

The app calculates the tax based on a framework provided by a Big 4 auditing company. And this is what makes Blockpit one of the reliable apps for crypto tax calculations.

Moreover, the app also offers you country-specific tax calculations for the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

With the help of the app, you will be able to track your portfolio in real-time, monitor profits/losses, calculate taxes and keep track of your crypto trades on the go.

Also, on the app, you will get to see all trades and incomes combined in one dashboard, which helps you real time monitoring portfolio development, complete transaction history as proof of origin for banks, and more.

The app automatically imports data via API keys from exchanges, xpub, ETH wallets, and ERC-20 smart contracts. Plus, you will get to track your transactions across wallets and exchanges.

3. Exodus

If you are looking for an advanced crypto wallet app, Exodus is something you must try out. It allows you to securely manage and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies. It offers you a smooth user interface where you can manage all your crypto assets.

The app not only comes with a beautiful design but also offers you live charts that update in real-time. Through the app, you can easily buy and sell one digital asset for another one without having to go through centralized exchanges.

Also, the wallet keeps all your funds safe and secure. Exodus encrypts your private keys and transaction data on your device. So no one will be able to access your cryptocurrency but you.

Moreover, you can additionally secure your funds by using Face or Touch ID. Along with that, you can also send and receive digital currencies using text addresses or QR codes.

Overall, the wallet also supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. So there is no need to download multiple wallets to manage different assets. Instead, this one app will do the job.

4. Binance

If you are looking for an app to trade crypto, then try out Binance. Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide, and the app makes it super easy for anyone to get started with crypto trading.

Using the app, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies pretty easily. Simply add a debit or credit card to buy digital assets. Or you can use convenient peer to peer transactions to deposit funds to the exchange.

Binance also has a faster KYC verification process. All you have to do is upload the necessary documents and get your KYC processed within just a few minutes of signing up.

In addition to that, it also supports a wide range of supported assets. There are more than 150 cryptocurrencies that Binance supports.

The trading app is also highly secure, and it keeps your funds protected by its Secure Asset Fund users. Also, you will get to earn interest on your crypto through Binance savings and stakings.

5. Celsius

Lastly, you can check out Celsius. It is also one of the best apps built by the HODLers for the HODLers. Using the app, you will get to earn a yield on your crypto. Plus, you can borrow crypto over 30 different cryptocurrencies. 

Using the app, you can also buy crypto directly in the app. Plus, you will be able to manage your crypto account and earn compounding rewards up to 15% APY.

Also, qualifying users can enjoy instant approval for a dollar or stablecoin crypto loans. Also, it doesn’t charge you any fees. Instead, Celsius covers all network costs and will never charge transfer fees, origination fees, or withdrawal fees.

You can also use Celsius for buying, earning, withdrawing, and transferring all your tracked crypto in no time.

 On top of that, the app also offers you some interesting features. Like you can earn rewards weekly on your crypto up to 13% APY. You can access different promo codes and earn deals and earn even more on your crypto holdings.

You can also check the potential return on your crypto holdings with the Celsius currency calculator. Also, you can apply for a cash loan against your crypto in just seconds.


So those were some of the best mobile apps to effectively manage your crypto investments. Now go ahead and check these apps out and see which one solves your needs. Also, for any additional questions, drop a comment below.