How to free up space in your home: a room-by-room guide

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Reorganising your home is a great way to not just use your available space to its full potential, but to also make everyday life easier as you live in a clutter-free environment. However, totally upending your house and sifting through everything you’ve gathered over the last few years can sometimes be daunting. Here’s how you can free up space in your home by breaking it down into simple room-by-room steps:


For those still working at home, it’s likely you’re spending more time in your kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner, than before the pandemic. Small changes like getting rid of excessive Tupperware without matching lids, decluttering your fridge and freezer for ingredients you won’t be using anytime soon, and enjoying leftovers for lunch the next day can drastically free up space in your home.


Going through your old clothes and shoes might seem like a mammoth task, but being strict with what you really wear anymore (and then throwing out or donating the rest) can free up more space than you might have even realised. If you’re still struggling for space for your clothes, or are partial to leaving them thrown over a chair in your room, a sliding wardrobe is a great solution to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter-free.

Living Room

An at-home office, a hub for family time, the perfect location for a film marathon; living rooms often double up as many things within a home. So keeping this room organised is particularly important. Using your natural nooks and alcoves to add built-in shelving and desks is a simple way to free up more space, without making the room seem smaller.


Often the smallest room in the home, the easiest way to free up more space in your bathroom is by looking into smart storage hacks. Making use of the space above the toilet by adding shelves or cabinets to store toiletries and emergency loo roll means you can retain valuable floor space, for example. But remember, even the smallest of bathrooms might need more than one set of bathroom storage, after all, where else are you going to store everything you’ve bought in Boots over the last two years?

Living in a clutter-free house is an essential part of living a stress-free life, especially since your home is where you spend the majority of your time. With some smart storage, some strict decisions, and also some nifty cooking tricks, reorganising your home to free up more space doesn’t have to be difficult at all.