How to Get Free Seeds for Your Garden

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Budget is always on my mind. We are trying to grow more of our own food due to the fact we have 7 in our household and the prices at the grocery store is really getting out of hand. This made me want to and find how we could get seeds for cheap or getting seeds for free. The photo you see above shows 14 packets of seeds – herbs, vegetables, and flowers cost me nothing. Isn’t that crazy! How did I get free seeds? Well let me tell you and I hope you will be able to use some of my tips –

How to Get Free Seeds for Your Garden

  1. Local Library – this is actually wear I get most of my seeds. We have two local libraries and both had seeds on hand for people to use. I would call your local library and see if they have any on hand.
  2. Free and Trade Groups on Facebook – Search free and trade and the town you live in there is most likely a free and trade group. I love ours – we get many shoes for the kids through this. You can post in search of and list seeds. I have done this before with HUGE success. Many people have extra starter plants on hand.
  3. Produce – this is one method I have not done but is an option. Using the seeds that you can retrieve from produce you already bought. I will say I have heard that these seeds might not yield ideal results.

I really think checking your local library is the easiest resource. Just remember do not take more than you need.