Sprucing up your garden on a budget 

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When money is tight, it can be tempting to let your garden grow wild, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If your grass is up to your waist, your flower beds are full of weeds and your fence is as good as collapsing, it’s time to take action. But how? This blog is filled with lots of tips that will help you to get your garden back into top shape without spending a small fortune on supplies. Soon you’ll be more than happy to enjoy a spot of lunch on the grass or invite your friends and family over for a cookout.

Create privacy with greenery

Instead of replacing a dilapidated fence with another cheap construction, plant shrubs, trees, or hedges to create privacy in your outdoor space. Wooden fences need a lot of maintenance, such as varnishing and painting, and will need replacing again over the years. Living plants will last a lifetime, as long as you maintain them properly by trimming and watering them. You can buy the best magnolia trees online or search for ready-grown shrubs in your local gardening center.

Plant flowers from seed

Buying pots with lots of beautiful flowers can soon add up, stretching your budget thinner than you’d like. Luckily, flower seeds are usually very cheap and easy to grow if you follow the instructions on the back of the packet. You will have to wait for your seeds to grow, but many flowers come back year after year, giving your garden lots of life without the need to spend extra money. Make sure you do some research and find out which seeds are the easiest to grow (especially if you don’t have a green thumb). The last thing you want is to spend money on seeds that won’t bloom.

Create a vegetable patch

Much like flowers, vegetables can be grown from seeds in your back garden. Vegetables can actually be even cheaper to grow if you save seeds from the ones you cook every day for your dinner. Eventually, you’ll have even more vegetables to eat without spending a single thing. Depending on the climate where you live, some vegetables may need a greenhouse to flourish, so take care when deciding what you want to grow. 


If you don’t have the budget to install lights on your lawn but want to sit outside in the evening, buy some low-cost string lights. These can easily be hung around your patio and taken inside if necessary. Choose between mains and battery-powered solutions depending on your setup. Alternatively, buy a lantern or some candle holders that you can scatter around your table. There are lots of ways to create a bit more of an atmosphere without hiring a professional to wire in new wall lights.

When it comes to creating your dream garden on a budget, creativity is key. Don’t forget, if there are certain features that you have your heart set on, it can be worth biding your time and saving up rather than buying items that don’t match up with your vision.